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Posted 2020-03-14T17:17:00Z

Moving in the Right Direction!

Sunday morning we left for our trip to Texas. It began with a CT scan and blood work Sunday, Monday morning Ronnie had his drain accessed and removed, we met with our Colon Surgeon and Oncologist, and wrapped things up Tuesday with our Liver Surgeon. 
the CT scan showed images that were very unchanged from the previous scans. Our initial response was just disappointment. To hear that things look basically the same after more chemo is scary. But what set these scans apart though was a clean up.As we dissected the scans with each of our doctors they helped us see that this clean up process shows that the chemo is working. Maybe not to the degree in which we hoped, but still moving in the right direction.
Our greatest success of the trip was having that pesky drain removed! This thing has caused fevers, unbearable pain, trouble sleeping, simply sitting in a chair, and being in a car. To say Ronnie has regained a huge part of his life back is an understatement. His joy those first couple days following the removal was radiating. He wasted no time hopping on the slide at the park and riding down it with Matthew on his lap the following day. 
We continue to have many options if we again see that chemo is not making the change we want to see. We have chemoembolization which is a more targeted, catheter based, form of chemo that is found to be very successful with liver treatment. We have pill based chemo partnered with IV support as well, and our other fall back of course of clinical studies. Our Liver surgeon also said if he comes back and scans show more consistency and stability, having surgery on the liver to just take it out via that avenue is not off the table. That first day we really were hit hard with this news of stability in the cancer, but all 3 of our doctors instilled hope that they still count this as a success. 
Ronnie and I had a day of just us two Wednesday when we came back which was amazing! Those days are few and far between and was exactly what we needed. Thursday he started back up on chemo with just the fulfuri present. The following 3 rounds will have the Avastin. We left this out for the first round due to its impact on wound healing and his very recent drain removal. The Avastin was a part of his initial chemo a year ago but since has stayed out due to the surgeries and procedures that occurred through the fall and winter months. After we have completed these 4 rounds we head back down to Texas in May to do more scans and decide next steps.
These trips are often chaotic due to multiple procedures, surgeries, scans, etc happening in a short time frame. The struggle of figuring out who stays back to let Matthew nap or sleep in, who runs the errands, who gets the rental & meets us back up there via Uber. This one felt so much more relaxed and it allowed for more family time. We ate lots of yummy food, played at the park with Matthew, and hung out at Matthews new favorite spot, the water fountain. It was a beautiful escape from this cold weather to the sunshine. A great trip, with a plan in place, and praying for more success from chemo!Matthew Going nuts on the ice while we wait for the CT Scan to finish up

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