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Here we are sharing the updates on Ronnie’s fight with colorectal cancer. Please feel free to comment words of encouragement and send prayers on his behalf. Thank you eve[...] read more

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Surgery Success!!

As most of you know Ronnie’s surgery on his liver was a success!!! Our day started at 5:30am. During our time in pre-op we got a visit from the chaplain. He was such a pleasant and comical man with a strong Jamaican accent. He made it a point to get to know us and he prayed with us. Then he asked Ronnie “ on a scale of 1-5 how nervous are you about this surgery?” Ronnie’s  response  was “1” which immediately removed some tension from my heart. Since the day he was diagnosed I have wanted so badly to climb inside his brain so I can feel exactly what he’s feeling. I’ve always been able to feel everything my boys have endured because chances are I have endured the same things at some point as well......except for  this cancer bitch....and it drives me crazy! When I heard Ronnie say he was at completely at ease with the surgery I realized that I gave birth to a freaking superhero!! Again, Ronnie’s strength is utterly amazing!!!

Surgery began at 8:00. What was to be a 2-4 hour surgery turned into a 6 hour surgery. For some reason I wasn’t anxious about the longer than expected time. I actually felt more at ease knowing the surgeon was doing his best to remove every stinking cell that shouldn’t be in his body. It also helped that every two hours a nurse would give us an update on how things were going. The original plan was to remove all three tumors at once. The surgeon did some research in between our last appointment with him and the surgery date and decided that it would be best to wait a few weeks to perform the ablation on the small but deep tumor and just do the resections of the two superficial tumors. What I love about Md Anderson is that they are very thorough. They are constantly working on their patients cases for the best outcome so things can change at anytime. Shortly after 2:00 the doctor came to talk with Rachael, Joe and I and said the words I was praying to hear, “I feel confident I got it all”. I had to refrain from jumping up and giving him the biggest bear hug ever. This doctor is a straight shooter so hearing him say that with such confidence was spectacular! He looked exhausted which, as Rachael stated, told us he put 110% into this surgery. 

Ronnie is healing very well. He is restricted for 6 weeks from anything that involves his core. I think the hardest part about this surgery for him has been not being able to pick up Matthew and not being able to get out on the golf course. Those are his two biggest outlets from this fight.

Ronnie and I head back to Houston on Monday. We have two appointments on Tuesday, one with the liver surgeon for a follow up and one with the radiologist that will be performing the ablation which will be done on Wednesday. Ronnie will spend one night in the hospital after that procedure. Thursday we meet colorectal surgeon for a pre-op visit, surgery is set for August 3rd. 

Again I thank you all for your love and support!! We are so fortunate to have the most beautiful people in our lives!❤️

Much Love,



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