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Here we are sharing the updates on Ronnie’s fight with colorectal cancer. Please feel free to comment words of encouragement and send prayers on his behalf. Thank you eve[...] read more

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Posted 2019-10-21T21:39:10Z

Another notch in the belt & a successful one at that!

As many of you know we had a very successful surgery on Friday. He went in ahead of schedule at exactly 8, watched them give Ronnie his “happy juice” and, they wheeled him off. The surgeon said that at 10:30 to be sure we were in the waiting room because he would come out and give us an update. At 10:20 the anxiety started, each minute going by as slow as possible. 10:30 came, then 10:40, and I then asked the woman at the desk and she said things were going well and they would be done around 11:30. Naturally the panic began of wondering if this was a good or bad thing he had decided to push through and instead of an estimated 2-2.5 hour surgery it was going to be 3.5. Val, Matthew, and I very patiently held down the waiting room, while Matthew entertained us with his silliness, which then grew into restlessness, and a little nap. Around 11:40 the surgeon walked into the waiting room, took us out in the hallway, and said it went great. He said after analyzing the one new spot in the liver he was really concerned about, he decided to remove it. Due to the calcification in the center, among other indicators, he presumed it was an early cancer cell. At first I was angry that this new cell even popped up in the first place, but then I was grateful that we caught it when we did. I thought of how the complications from his first surgery postponed this one a couple months and what if we had had this surgery on track, and this new spot would not have been removed. What if it had not progressed enough at that time for doctors to see the signs they did and chose to leave it and monitor it instead. Part of my own survival mode is an increased rationalization behind every major moment. Not by happenstance, but by purpose. Each and every moment, whether good or bad, has a purpose behind it, to complete this greater picture. 

After the surgery Ronnie was still very drugged up and could only communicate with very minimal nonverbals. Ronnie and Matthew napped while I hung out in the room for a few hours. Val came to the room and we tag teamed spending time with Ronnie and ensuring he was comfortable. He slept on and off the rest of the evening into the following day. 
Saturday morning Val took off to go pick up Joe and Jake at the airport and we then were all soon in the car and on our way to a weekend of NORMAL family fun. Ronnie had to reassure me all day Saturday that he really felt as good as he did and we had a blast at the beach. The sunshine, the sandcastles, Matthew chasing the birds, it was perfection. I like to think that it fueled each and every one of us to take on this next surgery. I would be lieing if I said we were all relaxed and feeling ready for tomorrow. The anxiety is high, Ronnie just wants to be able to eat, and all emotions are at a peak. 
ronnie has to be there tomorrow morning at 5:30 to start prepping for his 7:30 surgery. The surgery will take roughly 5 hours. It’s time to get cancer free people and holy crap are we excited. Let’s do this!


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