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Here we are sharing the updates on Ronnie’s fight with colorectal cancer. Please feel free to comment words of encouragement and send prayers on his behalf. Thank you eve[...] read more

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Posted 2020-01-07T20:10:00Z

Kick It!

Ever since the day Ronnie was diagnosed I developed this urge to go kicking...yes, as in kick something(s) and kick it hard!  I’ve even tried recruiting some of you; “Val is there anything I can do for you?” my response “Want to go kick things with me?”. I’ve pretty much have had this urge on and off for the last 11 months. There’s no meds or support group for it I just have to fight the urge until it passes.
(It’s only an urge people..... far😊)

Since the last update Ronnie had the surgery October 22 to remove the cancer in the colorectal area. At this time they also put an ileostomy in (temporary ostomy). Ronnie developed some complications from the surgery and landed back in the hospital for a lengthy period of time. We were in Houston for close to a month and quite frankly I had the kicking urge every day of that month minus our time on the beach in Galveston between surgeries.

The week before Christmas Ronnie and I headed back to Houston in hopes of having the ileostomy reversed. Every visit starts with scans and the following day an appointment with the oncologist then the surgeons appointments later in the week. When the oncologist stepped into the room I couldn’t help but sense something was wrong. He proceeded to tell us there was more cancer in the liver and some nodules in the lungs (kick urge). It’s possible the nodules are scar tissue from chemo but they aren’t sure because they are so small. He also told us there was a small pocket of infection by the colorectal area where the surgery was done therefore Ronnie would need to have a drainage tube put in and the reversal of the ileostomy could not be performed (another kick urge moment). On the bright side, there is not one speck of cancer in the colorectal area where the cancer originated!

The new plan of attack is to switch the chemo from fulfox to folfiri. Ronnie will start this new chemo tomorrow. If the folfiri does its job then a resection of the liver will be done. If the folfiri doesn’t work we will be up for some clinical studies. Being at MD Anderson opens the door to tremendous studies. One in particular is an immunotherapy study created by Jim Allison, a Doctor at MDA  that won the Nobel Prize for his work on this. I encourage all of you to watch the documentary on his work called “Breakthrough”. It’s very very promising!

In between all this Ronnie and Rachael are having fun revamping their house. It’s coming along beautifully and it’s a great distraction for them. Matthew is continues to entertain us and fill us with happiness. He’s a goofy little guy with a great sense of humor.We had a wonderful Christmas with all of my boys home and under one roof again.....I can’t get enough of that! Some how I need to convince them they should all live with me forever 😊. Ronnie’s 33rd birthday was January 3rd. We celebrated with dinner at a dueling piano bar and a short pub crawl in Brighton. It was so wonderful seeing him laugh and enjoy his day.

Ronnie continues to stay strong and fight this beast with all of his might. I’m so incredibly proud of him and his strength! Rachael is one freakin pillar of strength. On top of juggling life as a working mom she keeps Ronnies spirits up, makes sure everything is in check and is ready to rumble anyone that slacks when it comes to my boy and his care. I am so very blessed to have her by his and our side!!❤️
(#ER #gladyouheldback #shewasbiggerthanyou #wereallyarenotviolentpeople)😉


Again.... I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, love and support!!! We appreciate you all so very much!!!

Much Love ❤️ 


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