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Keeping Up with Mister Matthew

Our family's journey with Matthew Christopher.

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Summer Plans

It has been a long time since we have updated people through this platform! More than anything else, that is a great sign of how well the past year and a half has gone for Matthew and our family.

Our Matt-man is turning 2 in a little over a month and is truly a dude. He loves trucks, trains, being crazy, running around outside, and being with (and tormenting) his sister. Oh yeah – he is a slight fan of his mama ;) He is quite the daredevil and we often joke that his heart won't be his issue, but some crazy maneuver he tries to do! We couldn't imagine our life without him - he brings us so much joy on a daily basis.

A little after his birthday in July we’ll be heading down to Boston for his (hopefully) final open-heart surgery. This is the third procedure in the three stage process to, essentially, reroute much of his circulatory system so he can thrive with only two chambers in his heart. 

This third procedure is called the Fontan – feel free to follow this link: If you click the “Treatment of HLHS” dropdown menu you can read more about and see a video about it. 

We had an appointment with his cardiologist in New Hampshire the other day to have an echo, EKG, check-up, etc. and things are looking good as we head into surgery. His heart function and valve function are very good, which is what his Dr. said is most important. Obviously there are no guarantees, but his Dr. told us that Matthew has a lot of things going in his favor and we continue to pray that is the case.

We feel very fortunate for how well Matthew has been doing for the past year and a half and are praying that this will be the last major hurdle in his life. We know he will always need specialized care, but we are praying this goes really well and he goes back to his “normal” life quickly. Even though we have been through this two times already, just being honest, it is still really scary as his parents to do this again. We would appreciate prayers that we would figure out all of the logistics and that he will stay healthy leading up to it. Around mid-July we will basically lock ourselves in our house (or back yard) so he is healthy and we don’t need to delay at all.

Thanks for taking the time to journey with us!

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