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Keeping Up with Mister Matthew

Our family's journey with Matthew Christopher.

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Home Sweet Home

We are happy to be back home, getting adjusted to normal life again!  Matthew's doctors finally cleared him to go home late last Tuesday, and we have been grateful to be home for almost a week already...long enough to decorate for Christmas and get Ellie recovered from a stomach bug!

It's silly how many things we take for granted - like a hot shower without flip flops, a kitchen full of normal (non-cafeteria) food, and our own beds - but a couple of weeks in the hospital reminds us to find joy in the little things!  That's not to say that life is always easy, but we try to temper any frustrations or challenges with gratitude in all being home together.

Matthew had another x-ray on Friday, and his home cardiologist was thrilled to pronounce him pneumo free!  She was so pleased with how well he looks and sounds that she bumped his echo-cardiogram and full appointment from this week to January.  We are so grateful for how well Matthew has recovered, and keep having to remind ourselves that the goofy, smiling baby in our lap just had open heart surgery 3 weeks ago!  What a gift to see him back to normal, and know that it should be a long time before we have to do all of this again. 

Thanks to all who have checked in, sent cards or gifts, helped with logistics, or prayed for our family.  We know with certainty that we couldn't have walked through these last difficult months without help and love from our community.  Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, and hope to see many of you in person soon! 

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