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Posted 2019-08-20T00:09:30Z


After stepping back on the diuretics Saturday, Matthew’s X-ray on Sunday showed a little more fluid around his lungs. So they went back to the previous day’s diuretics on Sunday and today’s X-ray shows that the fluid around his lungs is where they want it to be! 

Now, it is a matter of getting him on a regiment of diuretics and supplements (the meds drain some good stuff from his body too) that he can go home on. 

The plan will be to do blood work and a chest X-ray each morning and then make any necessary tweaks to his medicine, until things are stable. This could be figured out as early as tomorrow (Tuesday), or still take a few days. We’d appreciate prayers for the sooner!!

Once we get home we will need to see his home cardiologist for imaging and bloodwork (poor dude has been stuck for blood sooooo many times) every few days and as things settle that should turn into every week, to then every couple weeks, etc.

We definitely want to go home, but we want the meds to be right because it was very scary to have to drive down here in the middle of the night and we would like to avoid that at all costs again!

Maybe the next post will be home again, part two?!🤞🤞

(The first picture is Ellie outside the hospitality house, then Matthew eating a popsicle as he watches tv, finally the hand holding! Ellie has been sooooo caring and loving towards Matthew. Their friendship is such a gift!)

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  • Alisha Bragg
    Alisha Bragg

    Ohhh...Gwen loved seeing Ellie with the dog statue! Praying that everything will come into perfect alignment so you can be sent home and have peace about caring for him and his needs. You are strong. You are loved! Gwen says: “I want to see him. I want to see the pictures. Matthew, you at the ‘hopsital’...?” -the Bragg Bunch

    9 months ago · Reply
  • Judy

    Still praying and love the good news ...... ❤️

    9 months ago · Reply