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Posted 2014-04-27T20:24:47Z

Short Update (April 27, noon ADT)

Just a short update here.  Jeannette didn't hang around the ICU very long--I can picture her with the "get out of here itis" and the hospital staff getting out of her way as she headed for the front door.   The reality is that she is back home and Rich and her are getting used to the new routine. meds, and working with another set of doctors.   The problematic "fistula" isn't "fixed" per se, but since she isn't eating its really not causing major issues either.    But she is back on the TPN (I think it stands for Total Parenteral Nutrition) and I think the big hope is that a little more time needs to occur so the little leak can repair itself.   The good news is the infection seems to have been rapidly brought under control, and she can still get out and enjoy the great weather that defines spring.   Home is always better than a hospital!   And, when I last spoke with RIch he seemed to have it all 'under control." 

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