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Keith Jones - Journal

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Posted 2015-07-14T00:36:55Z

THANK YOU to the ALS Association Orange County!

Thank you so very much to Natalie Villegas of the ALS Association Orange County Chapter! Natalie has been instrumental in assisting us with getting Keith a portable scooter! Natalie and the ALS Association are amazing and we cannot be more grateful to all you have done for us and for donating the scooter that has made it possible for Keith to spend more time with the family and not miss out on making memories! [...]

Posted 2015-04-07T19:13:01Z

Visit to the ALS & Neuromuscular Center

Today we went for Keith's 3 month check up at the ALS & Neuromuscular Center. The visit went well, the staff there is amazing and Dr. Tiyonnoh Cash is incredible. She is always full of hope and kindness and it is so nice to see her and to have someone finally know what we are going through and understand how Keith is feeling. Today however, we have discovered through Keith's physical, that he is losing more muscle and mobility in his right arm, which is where we first noticed the signs of his ALS.[...]

Posted 2015-03-29T15:30:51Z

MDA Muscle Walk

Madisen and I attended the MDA Walk in our community yesterday and it was amazing!  I had the opportunity to make some very important connections with local vendors of speech, mobility and respiratory products that Keith will be needing in the future. It was a wonderful event and we are so very thankful we could attend and meet other families and PALS that are struggling with ALS and other types of muscle disease.[...]