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Kelley has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer of the appendix.

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Posted 2020-01-23T22:18:00Z

Flowers and Dr. Foster

These spectacular flowers continue to bring joy to us and every person who walks in this room. They may be a week old, but they are just as fragrant and beautiful as the first day! 

And it helps... because not every hour is a good hour. This is not an easy process at all. Through all of the beeping and discomfort there is always a better hour to come... and it comes. It always comes. 

We stay busy when we are awake; go on walks and host therapists, nurses, doctors, and always once a day (sometimes twice) we have our favorite visitor, Dr. Foster. Thank you, God, for Dr. Foster. He is of course Kelley's brilliant surgeon, but more importantly he is a kind and caring human - always calming Kelley and bringing her peace.

Kelley's body is slowly but surely bouncing back, her energy is improving, and the pain and nausea is subsiding:) She even smiled and shared a few jokes with Dr. Foster today, which was so great to see. It's been a great few hours. She is now resting comfortably in the recliner... grabbing a nap between the visitors and the beeps.

Keep the thoughts and prayers coming. My prayer is that there are a couple of 3 hour chunks of time for Kelley to snooze uninterrupted tonight!


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