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Kelley has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer of the appendix.

Kelley went to the emergency room September 2nd expecting to be diagnosed with colitis.  When her CT came back, the emergency room physician shared the results.  Kelley had a large mass 6.7cm x 8.2 cm and lesions on her abdominal wall.  He then suggested she contact Siteman Cancer Center first thing Tuesday morning.  Kelley contacted Siteman and was directed to Dr. Matthew Silviera, a colorectal oncology surgeon at Siteman. Kelley met with Dr. Silviera on Thursday, Sept. 13th and he showed her the images and had a candid discussion with her stating his belief that the mass in her abdomen and the lesions on her abdominal lining were cancerous.  She had a biopsy and upper CT the following Wednesday, September 19th.  After the upper CT, she learned that she had blood clots in the lower right lobe of her lung.  She was immediately started on a blood thinner.  On September 27, Kelley had a colonoscopy where she learned that her tumor and lesions were malignant but it had not spread to her colon.  

Kelley has an intense road ahead of her.  She will have chemotherapy every two weeks for 14 weeks.  This will be followed by Cytoreductive HIPEC surgery.  This surgery is two-fold.  First, the cancerous tumor and lesions will be removed.  Then the surgeon will use hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (highly concentrated, heated chemotherapy treatment) and bathe her abdomen in it for 1.5 hours  Unlike systemic chemotherapy, HIPEC delivers chemo directly to cancer cells in the abdomen.  The game plan was to do the surgery first, but with the blood clots, the decision was made to do a round of chemo, make sure the blood clots are gone and then do the surgery.  

Kelley had her port placed on Wednesday October 10th and will begin her chemo treatments on Wednesday, October 17th.