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Chemo Take 2 #4

May every sunrise bring you hope,may every sunset bring you peace. SISTERS  make the bad times good and the good times UNFORGETTABLE. I am so glad you enjoyed last night with your High School friends.  Thinking of you today. Love you sissy[...]

Chemo Take 2 #1

A SISTER IS GOD'S WAY OF PROVING HE DOESN'T WANT US TO WALK ALONE. Thinking of you today as you start round 2 of chemo.  You got this sissy. Love you more each day.  Shout out to Donna Whalen for being with you today. LETS GO BLUES [...]

Kelley Update

Kelley is eating and walking more each day, not as much as some people would like but she is trying.Kris and Patty make sure she is getting in her steps.  All we can ask of her is to do a little more each day. She is still healing and trying to learn to handle a new lifestyle. Jordan is home so that we keep her active. We are headed to Omaha on Sunday ( highways are still closed) for a few test and to see Dr Foster on Monday. People have been stopping by to visit and she had a dinner date with Debbie Bentrup on Tuesday and Corey Dallas took her out on Thurs. She does enjoy the visit. Keep those prayers and good vibes coming Kelley's way every one helps her along this journey. By the way my sister is truly amazing and will always be my hero. [...]