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Posted 2020-01-28T02:07:54Z

Good day today


Had the NG tube and the heart monitors removed. Only thing hooked up to her is the wound Vac and TPN. We’ve had an anxious day so far but she will be falling to rest soon now that she can breathe. Hoping her body takes it well. Next step is clear liquids and oral pills. Things are on schedule to this point for a Wednesday release.[...]

Posted 2020-01-21T00:12:36Z

Big Day!

Kelley started the day with a million attachments and very little mobility... and now sits before me rocking in her awesome rocker after an awesome walk with only her wound vac. Down to oral Tylenol for pain! We have been reading... and just played a couple rounds of Heads Up:) looking forward to a good nights sleep and another day of progress tomorrow! Love to all and keep the prayers coming![...]

Posted 2020-01-16T17:58:57Z

Surgery Update

To the #KelleyStrongArmy,

I am here to report that the battle is won, but the war is not over. We are happy to report that my mom is in the final stage of her surgery and we will be visiting with her shortly. After speaking with her surgeon, Dr. Foster, he informed us that he was able to remove and clean a few small growths that appeared since the last surgery. He also told us that nothing else needed to be removed from Kelley’s abdomen, which is a great sign. Where our war will press on is the static mass that is attached to her diaphragm. He told us that he is not able to operate and remove this, because it would open up the possibility of tumors appearing in her chest cavity, which could be extremely harmful to my mom. This means that my moms treatment post-surgery will continue, which we were hoping to avoid.[...]

Posted 2020-01-13T05:07:55Z

Up for #2

Good evening!   I’ve arrived in Omaha had a few test on Friday in preparation for my surgery on Tuesday, January 14.  My oncologist Dr. Rigden and my surgeon Dr. Foster have prepared me for the second surgery by completing 12 rounds of chemo; hopefully the CT will show that I have no new growth and that the cancer is under control.  This surgery is going to be quite busy. I’ll have a total of four surgeons who will operate on me.  Dr. Foster my surgeon, then a vascular surgeon to repair my diaphragm after the cancer has been removed,  then a plastic surgeon to close up my chest cavity and then I will have a urologist place a stent into my kidney.   One of my kidneys is failing because of blockage, hopefully the stent will open that back up.  Just like last time the surgery will also take 12 weeks of recovery. I should be in Omaha less than a month and then return home and then before I go back to work in April I’ll come see Dr. Foster to make sure that my body is healing properly and what is our next steps!!     Jordan brought me up to Omaha, My mom, my sister, and my brother Dale joined us today.  Christian is already here and join us all for dinner at the Hope Lodge this evening, we had tacos that were made by a group of high school student that donated their Sunday to cook dinner for the entire Lodge.   My friend Angie will be joining us tomorrow.  On surgery day Lisa will be updating everyone Facebook and Angie will be updating everyone on this site, PostHope.  [...]

Posted 2019-12-10T05:39:34Z

Weekend in Omaha, December office visit.

 Is it a night I got in the car and headed to Omaha on December 5. Getting into Omaha around 430, checked into the Hope Lodge,  Waiting for Christian to come pick us up and take us to dinner.  Had Thursday night dinner at Dinker”s, Home of the best burger in Omaha.   Right now instead I spent all day at the Fred and Pamela Buffett cancer center for them to take bloodwork, MRI and I visit with Dr. Foster. My visit went very well the MRI showed that the cancer that was there in September had remained the same size as it was and no new cancer was detected.  With all of that great information Dr. Foster informed me that my surgery would be in mid January 2020. They will get back to me in a few days with a firm date. Once I have that date I will share it with all of you. [...]

Posted 2019-11-28T06:46:36Z

Last chemo day. Ringing the bell!

Siteman Cancer Center, 150 Entrance Way, St. Peters, MO, USA

Click here for driving directions.

I feel very blessed on this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I rang the bell today which means I went through 12 rounds of chemo and today was my last one. This is all in preparation for my surgery in January or February 2020 in Omaha! Started my regiment of going to the doctor getting my port accessed and then headed to the treatment room. My partner today in the chemo room was Dina Dougherty my oldest and dearest friend. But she wasn’t the only one that joined me today I had my wonderful mother, my gorgeous daughter, Christian’s girlfriend Hannah and her little sister, 3 of my siblings and Dale’s girlfriend, several friends, several high school and Dina’s beautiful mother, several neighbors, my sisters’ best friend, several of my daughter’s high school friends and Kenzie, My friend that I met at Chemo Angie Peeler, A friend from Young Dental, Elizabeth, and the volunteer at Siteman, Wanda, who is always there to get me water,  a warm blankets, hot coffee,  hot water for my tea that I bring with me, she’s always there to take care of me.  I also had a very special visit from Sandy Demand who will always always have a special place in my heart. Hope I didn’t miss anyone and if I did I’m sorry Kayla and Cameron or in the old neighbor group. Just wanted to make sure that everyone knew how much it meant to me that they took time out of their day and spent it with me on my special occasion. Love,  peace, happiness to all, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving because I know I will.  🧡💜🧡💜[...]

Posted 2019-11-27T14:59:19Z

Chemo Take 2 LAST ONE

Strong women aren't simply born. They are made by the storms they walk through. " A sister is more than a forever friend.She is a joy to the heart,and love without end." Kelley if i said it once i will say it a million times you are one of the strongest women i know and you have battle through this journey like a true warrior with your army right next to you. Christian and Jordan are so lucky to have you as a mom to  show them how to fight hard. Thinking of you today. I know Dad and Paul will be watching from above and showering you with love.  In the words of Anita Ward  RING MY (THAT) BELL  Love you sissy   # Kelleystrong[...]