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Posted 2018-10-27T03:05:58Z


Hello everyone! I made it through a week and two days after my first treatment of chemo! Had a few side effects that Angie had stated in the prior journal entry.  Received advice from some prior cancer patients, I kept crackers around the house, rested when I was tired and have given up soda, along with all carbonated drinks, yes, that includes BEER! As long as I kept something in my stomach I didn’t seem to get that nauseated.  They have given me 2 different meds and told me to overlapped.  It worked!  My next treatment is on Halloween, hopefully it will go as easily as this last week has.  

It’s October 26st were did September go?  The past two months have just flown by!  It’s kind of all blur but some of the highlights are I have been to more doctors offices, hospitals, procedure rooms, and ERs than I have in the past several years.  It took us about three weeks to get the initial diagnosis and then the last four weeks have been just trying to figure out what doctors to see, what surgeon to see, and what the treatment plan would be.  I’ve stayed pretty low-key but did not  wiped out my social calendar completely; attended a wedding, went to some parties, some football games, and with shopping a few times.  The main difference is I’ve done all this while caring cancer inside me,  which does FREAK ME OUT!!  

Cancer!  It is still really hard to say that word but I have excepted it, I face it everyday, and chose to get up out of bed and fight.  That has been really easy to do with the amount of support that I have received these last two months.  Words cannot describe how much my friends and family have stepped up to the plate.  From setting up this website, assisting me at all of my appointments, the cards that I have received, the delicious meals that I have received, the beautiful flowers, the messages on Facebook from high school friends that I haven’t talked to in years but still cared enough to take the extra time to send thoughts, prayers,and great karma!  Shout out to my CITI family for the wonderful chemo kit that Stephanie and Casey delivered the night before my first treatment.  It is a little strange being on this side of things.  I am excepting help....I make my sister did my dishes all the time, LOL! All kidding aside, I have a great army behind me.  

I will end this journal entry with just a simple thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.



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  • Kimberly Meder
    Kimberly Meder

    Kelley, you are wonderful and strong! This will be cleared out of you before you know it! Hang in there! Lots of love, Kim and Tom

    one year ago · Reply
  • Patty Prouhet
    Patty Prouhet

    I feel blessed to be your friend Kel... you inspire me daily. You give so much support and love to all around you even when THIS is your reality. You are the best and I treasure you! Thank you for letting me love you! We got this!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Ann Feld
    Ann Feld

    I believe cancer is a war inside someone’s body but you have a huge army standing with you to fight the battle and winning is the only option! Stay strong, positive and have faith! This too shall pass.....always get up each day and keep moving forward! Let Love surround you! Love ya and big hugs! Ann

    one year ago · Reply
  • Debbie muraski
    Debbie muraski

    I'm really proud of you Kelley. You are inspiring me to work through complicated issues in my life. Keep up the good work! Love you girl and am local if you need anything at all!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Lisa Christopher
    Lisa Christopher

    I am honored to do your dishes LOL

    one year ago · Reply