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Posted 2019-08-14T17:13:22Z

Chemo Take 2 No number #6 today

No chemo today due to Shingles. Dr was concern about her eyes. Kelley has been a trooper thru this set back,but had a few really bad days. Please keep the prayers and good vibes coming her way.  I think this inspired  quote really fits Kelley.  When LIFE gives you a hundred reason to break down and cry,show life that you have a MILLION REASONS to smile and be thankful. Stay Strong sissy  I love you sooooooooooooooo much. 

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Comments (6)

  • Debbie bentrup
    Debbie bentrup

    We all LOVE you Kel!! I know it is hard - but stay strong! Saying prayers everyday! Love and Hugs!!!

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Melanie Rees
    Melanie Rees

    Hang in there Kelley!!! You got this.

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Elizabeth Bowen
    Elizabeth Bowen

    Just a little set back Kelley, this will soon go away! Continued prayers for strength and courage to deal with this. You are such a Trooper and you are surrounded with LOVE!

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Marilyn Bentrup
    Marilyn Bentrup

    Kelley..praying for you every day....Keep up your spirit and stay you, gal!!!

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Sandy

    Thinking of you and saying Prayers you get relief from this soon. Stay strong & take it day at a time. ❤️ & 🤗!

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Donna Wolosyk
    Donna Wolosyk

    Hang in there Kel ...... Prayers keep going for you and your healing and dealing with this situation. You are loved !! Hugs to you !!😊❤️

    6 months ago · Reply