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Posted 2020-01-16T17:58:57Z

Surgery Update

To the #KelleyStrongArmy,

I am here to report that the battle is won, but the war is not over. We are happy to report that my mom is in the final stage of her surgery and we will be visiting with her shortly. After speaking with her surgeon, Dr. Foster, he informed us that he was able to remove and clean a few small growths that appeared since the last surgery. He also told us that nothing else needed to be removed from Kelley’s abdomen, which is a great sign. Where our war will press on is the static mass that is attached to her diaphragm. He told us that he is not able to operate and remove this, because it would open up the possibility of tumors appearing in her chest cavity, which could be extremely harmful to my mom. This means that my moms treatment post-surgery will continue, which we were hoping to avoid.

All in all, we did not here the best news, but we also did not hear the worst news. What this means is we will need to hold onto your support for a little longer, as we take on this cancer. Thank you for all of your support, my family appreciates every comment, like, text, and call. We will update in the next few days to come.


Lisa Christopher, Angela Luby Smith, Dale Christopher, Kelley Christopher Demand

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  • Karyn Bohannan
    Karyn Bohannan


    10 months ago · Reply
  • Ronda Harmon
    Ronda Harmon

    Sending prayers!!

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Elizabeth Bowen
    Elizabeth Bowen

    We’re here for you Kelley, to pray, love and support you! Blessings as you go through healing, and give a shout when you need company for your treatments. Love you and God Bless 😊🙏❤️❤️❤️

    10 months ago · Reply