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Olivia Olivia

Kelley, you are always in our thoughts and greatly missed at work by everyone! We finally had a chance to get together and show our #KelleyStrong support! We are sending all our positive vibes your way and hope that you continue to heal and know that you will keep up the fight! Olivia, Jackie, Rick & Eric :)

Ann Feld Ann Feld

Yaaaaaaa.....Thank God! Love seeing your pictures and loving your new hair. I'm sure the shower and the hair made you feel amazing! Keep moving have come along way in your journey. Praying you continue to make awesome progress and get to come home ASAP! Kelley STRONG....because you are amazing!!!! love ya and big hugs and prayers!

Julie Watson Julie Watson

YAY! So excited to hear you were released from the hospital. That is wonderful news and you look AMAZING in the pictures. Stay Strong girl! Praying for you daily.

Sandy Sandy

Kelley so happy to hear you are out of the hospital. Get some good rest & take good care. Thanks for posting all the wonderful pictures. Stay strong! Love You 😍

Cheryl Chisholm Cheryl Chisholm

I love seeing all of the Facebook posts and posts on this site. I hope you are doing as well as your big smile is indicating. I have been praying for you like crazy!!!! Keep up that positive strength, it is contagious.

Marilyn Bentrup Marilyn Bentrup happy to hear yu are doing so well and getting out of the well and soon you can come home!!! That sounds wonderful!! Take care and BE STRONG!!! Love you, Mary Bentrup

Marilyn Bentrup Marilyn Bentrup

Sure looks good to see your smile...keep on smiling...and enjoy those PB&J sandwiches!!! Mary Bentrup

Lisa Take Lisa Take

Praying for you, Kelley!

Olivia Olivia

Thank you for the positive update! Keep fighting Kelley! Your strength amazes me!

Laura Perry Laura Perry

Praying for fast recovery!! Anyone have an update for today?

Michelle Debord Michelle Debord

I have been trying since yesterday to post my picture on your FB page but keep getting an error! Hugs and prayers to you and your family! You got this Kelley! #KelleyStrongArmy

Sandy Sandy

Prayers for Kelley, the Dr.& the surgical team! Love ❤️

Melanie Rees Melanie Rees

Thinking about you and praying for you today. Also praying for your surgical team and doctors and nurses. YOU ARE STRONG. You got this! You are surrounded by love through your family and friends.

Ann Feld Ann Feld

Kelley......lots of prayers, love and strength. Love ya lots

Michelle Debord Michelle Debord

Kelley - you are in our thoughts and prayers today and everyday - Brian, Michelle, Zach & Ava #kelleystrong