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Donna Redd Donna Redd

It was beautiful to see Kelley's face pop up on Post Hope today.....Christian, Jordan, Lisa, Dale, Rachel our hearts are with you all we love and miss seeing Kelley's beautiful face and hearing her voice. She is so loved and missed by so many.

Ann Feld Ann Feld

Still hard to believe. Sending love, strength and prayers

Carol Becher Carol Becher

Sending my thoughts and prayers! Hang in there..

Cheri Lenac Cheri Lenac

Sending you much love and prayers Kelley! You are amazing and Gods got your back, as well as your own personal army of people who love you! Xoxo

Karyn Bohannan Karyn Bohannan

One day down! Keep your spirits up! Heal up! You have fun stuff to do my friend!

John Jackson John Jackson

Think Fence Buttons, Keeping Swinging. Remember what Romain said "OMG she's Amazing!" You sure are!

Olivia Olivia

Thinking of you and sending all my positive vibes for healing and strength!

Karyn Bohannan Karyn Bohannan

You are amazing! You are so sweet kind and loving, you give to all others. Love you Kelley!!!

Kelley Christopher Kelley Christopher

#kelleystrong in Vegas at Caesars. Thank you Dina for always having my back. We have been friends for many years! Can’t wait to see what trouble we can get into the next 37 years. Love you!!

Kelley Christopher Kelley Christopher

#kelleystrong from Portland!

Kelley Christopher Kelley Christopher

This time Lisa and I stayed at the Hope Lodge in Lincoln Nebraska. This is the same as a Ronald McDonald house for kids but it’s for adults here’s a few pictures.

Kelley Christopher Kelley Christopher

More pics!

Kelley Christopher Kelley Christopher

Of course we took iconic pictures in front of the memorial stadium sign with some other pictures inside the stadium. The best experience of the weekend was to watch the stadium be filled with 89,000 plus. Of course the huskers came out on top 44 - 8 which means that we brought home a winner! Enjoy some more pictures for my big day!

Kelley Christopher Kelley Christopher

Up and on the road and headed to Lincoln by 9:45 am to have a full day in Lincoln before the game starts at 7:15 pm. Went to Jordan‘s apartment picked her up around 11:00 am met her roommates and off we were to the tailgate downtown Lincoln. The railyard is the place where we went and had some wings at a restaurant and then went and sat outside and watched the Lady huskers win a volleyball match on a very large screen. Consumed frozen drinks along with some beer and Jack and soda of course not had by me but Christian and Lisa, Jordan and I had virgin slushy‘s . Walk over to the stadium got to see some of the tailgates and how much people really get into tailgating in Lincoln . Headed to the trophy room to see all of the national championships and all of the Heisman and all the other trophies that huskers of won over the years very blessed. Then and headed into the stadium we’re down on the field watch the players warm up and then walked up to our seats but not before seen my kids names on a pillar at Memorial Stadium.

Alicia Corzine Alicia Corzine

Love you Kelley! Thinking positive thoughts and sensing them your way! Kisses and hugs from all of us!