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Love, support and prayers for Kellie & Becca

This is a place for all family and friends of Kellie and Becca to come and offer their prayers and support as well as staying updated on their healing progress.

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Posted 2012-01-15T07:41:52Z

January 14, 2012

Next Saturday marks one year since the car accident. We thought you might like an update on all your continued prayers!


Happy New Year!!! We are praying that 2012 is going to be a be great year for our family! It has been almost a year since "our accident" last January. So many things have happened, for the good and the bad. Becca went for her 1 year follow up with the Neurosurgeon this week. We had our list of symptoms and she went over them very patiently. Becca gets dizzy now every time she stands up. Her vertebral artery was damaged in the crash and now it is occluded completely. The doctors were hoping that her blood to her brain would improve over time, but the collateral blood flow is in question. They want to perform a "blood flow" MRI or CT scan soon. Becca has been on a medicine to increase her blood pressure the past year. Her BP continues to be low and drops when she stands or does any activity. The doctor's suggested surgery to bypass some of the brain's blood flow, but we are going to a specialist first to get more information. She will have repeat x-rays of her lumbar and pelvic areas from all her fractures that the accident caused. Her scars from her Halo are healing well, but the scars that the accident has left are still fresh in all of our minds. Her broken neck is healed but she continues to have decreased range of motion. Her left shoulder seems to bother her the most lately. She still has weakness and neuropathy to her arms and hands. PT is working on the left shoulder but its a slow process.

Becca had knee surgery in December to fix the torn meniscus and thickened plica band that had gotten worse since the car accident. We had to fight for more physical therapy for Becca. She had used up all 60 visits by August 2011. From August to December we did not have any visits for physical therapy. Finally, after 100's of phone calls and letters she got 8 visits for the month of December. Becca was "cleared" to play sports at the end of 2011, but NOT all the doctor's agreed with this decision. We found out when she started the Physical Therapy that she could NOT even run on the treadmill for more than 30 seconds without getting dizzy. So it was our decision that she not risk playing any sports at this time. This was a huge disappointment to Becca and to our family. We have loved watching her compete and train so hard. She had been in the soccer community since she was 5 years old. It has always been her dream to play soccer in College. Now her dreams were crushed as were a lot of friendships she had made through the sport. People would say, "she looks fine on the outside"! But, only a few close to us really knew the real story. Becca continues with therapy to this day.

We are so thankful that through all of this tragedy that Becca has found God. The accident and other circumstances have brought her closer to Him and she has grown into a beautiful Christian. Our family has become stronger as a whole also. It has been hard on each of us in so many ways. Becca has found a great young man, Daniel, whom has helped her out so much. It has been a blessing that he has entered her life.

Becca has been accepted into many Colleges at this time. She is deciding where she wants to go in September. We are going to Azusa Pacific in February and she is staying the night on campus for a few days. I keep praying that God will show us the way. I know He will!! We have so many things to look forward to and we are trying not to look back, but it is difficult at times. It is sad that people have forgotten all the injuries that she had to endure. Now that she doesn't have the Halo on, people think she is "all better". But in truth, she has so much more healing to work on, physically and mentally. We believe that this is going to be a life long process for all of us.

Thank you all that have been there for our family and have said so many prayers for us. Please continue to pray and think of us because our journey is not yet over. Thank you Lord for our extended family and friends.



Thank you AGAIN for all that you've done for our family this past year. I can't express enough how much we have felt your prayers. While the past year was quite a roller coaster, we feel so thankful. Our God has healed, comforted, provided and blessed us! Kellie was glad to be back on campus in September; schooling at home the  last half of her junior year last spring was very isolating. She saw her neurosurgeon this past December; the dr. released her and gave her permission to play full contact sports - soccer - again. While she doesn't play "the same," she is glad just to be able to play again. She's been dating a nice Christian young man since  last February (they met while she was in the halo). She plans to attend Pt. Loma Nazarene University in the fall; she can't wait!

The words of Proverbs 3:5-6 seem so appropriate as I think back over this year. When "our" plans get interrupted, may we see them as opportunities from God to straighten our paths. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."

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