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Posted 2018-10-09T20:20:59Z

Follow-Up with Dr. Patni

Hello Everyone,

Today was my first official follow-up with one of my doctors, Dr. Aftab Patni. He’s a great guy and outstanding surgeon. It’s been exactly two weeks since surgery. I’ve only met with a nurse last week to remove my stitches. Today I met personally with Dr. Patni to see how I was doing. And in most everything, I’m doing pretty good. I’ve been keeping up on Advil for most pain, and the doctor reminded me that I will continue healing through the first year. I cannot begin any exercise until I’m at the two month mark. The important thing right now is preventing any spinal fluid leaks. That would be bad news. So, I will continue to take it easy until then. But right now, everything is healing well. 

One thing that brought this surgery to the forefront was my facial spasms. Before surgery, I was having 30-40 full-blown hemi-facial spasms PER DAY.  (That’s a lot of Popeye.)  Over the past few days, I have had only a handful of “ripples” around my right eye or my mouth. Today was no exception as my twinges jumped up when they called me back to see the doctor. No full spasms, but the doctor was able to see what’s been left. I’m not discouraged as these things take as much time as they need.  

We asked his thoughts about returning to work. He felt that four weeks sounds reasonable since I’m not requiring any major balance rehabilitation. From Tessa’s and my perspective, I need to get myself back to sleeping well (I have to sit up after laying down every few hours), get back to reading (without my eyes tiring out), driving and managing pain. I wish I could add running to that, but like I said, I have to wait a couple months. (Keep up the good work filling in, Christa Rose.)

So the doctor said that I will follow with a 3 month MRI and then see him in February. My next appointment now will be at the end of this month with my neurosurgeon Dr. Mel Field. He will give me the clearance to return to work. 

After we completed our appointment, Tessa and I went to Tibby’s for lunch. It is a New Orleans-style restaurant, where she got her chicken and I got my shrimp and grits. We were both hungrier than we thought. We made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s before heading home. We had a successful outing, and I remain more committed to taking the necessary steps to get back up to speed. (But  reminded that I need to do it right with patience.)

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you all are doing well. 

Love you all,


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Comments (4)

  • Kenna McKee
    Kenna McKee

    You are a rockstar recoverer! Love you so much dad❤️

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Tessa McKee
    Tessa McKee

    It was a great day. I am very pleased with our Doctor’s visit. Kelly, you are doing so well. ❤️❤️❤️

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Vincent Vaccaro
    Vincent Vaccaro

    Thanks for the update, Kelly. You and Tessa look great. Having patience is not easy, but it seems your practice of it is very good. You both know I'm not particularly successful in that area, but age helps to make one better. :-) Luv you both Dad of course got to read your update first so I practiced patience waiting my turn. :-) :-)

    2 years ago · Reply
    • Tessa McKee
      Tessa McKee

      Thanks for responding, Mom. Love you both. ❤️

      2 years ago · Reply