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Posted 2018-10-17T17:34:26Z

Three Weeks after Surgery

Hello Everyone,

This is Kelly giving today's update.  As of yesterday, it has been three weeks since my surgery.  I’m doing well since today I took the car for a short drive alone to my primary care doctor’s office to have blood taken for a checkup.  (Yes, first time and with Tessa's blessing.)  I’m still not sleeping through the night, as I have to get up for an hour or two to let my head rest.  (It just feels squeezed when I lay down for too long.)  But I got up and showered this morning after fasting through the night for my blood test.  I had to drive in a little traffic, but it was no problem.  I must say that when I got home, that I was done.  I didn’t feel bad, but I also didn’t feel 100%.  Just a little wonky.  But no face twinges today except a little flutter around my eye while I was brushing my teeth.  Two days ago, my face was hyper-sensitive to every time that I got up from a chair I would start to feel a ripple through my face.  Today has been a good day.  I feel that I’m continuing to get stronger.  I’m not rushing back to work however.  I’m not ready for that grind yet.  

I thought that I would give you some of my random thoughts from the last few weeks.  I keep comparing myself to my first operation in 2007.  I’m pretty much on the same track as then.  I’m starting to read a little more.  My eyes are not getting tired like they were last week.  I definitely don’t have the same neck and scalp pain that I did in 2007.  This surgery went through the side of my head, while 2007 was going through the back quarter of my skull.  There were not the same large muscles cut during this year’s operation.  I also don’t feel that I have to hold my head together with my hands when I cough or sneeze like in 2007.  I’m still ginger with it, but the pain now is more internal to the incision area, jaw and (funny enough) my eyebrow.  It is easier to manage with Advil or muscle relaxer when needed.

My balance is doing well.  In fact, it is much better than 2007.  I clearly have not been relying on that right-hand side balance nerve much at all.  I don’t really miss it.  I’ve declined any balance therapy that my healthcare provides simply because I’ve got this.  It is the same thing that I’ve been doing for the last 11 years.  Get your balance, steady yourself, and walk.  No sudden turns.  No quick head movements.  Use visual cues when you need to.  Sit down when you have to.  It’s not rocket science.

My goals for going back to work again are, sleep all night consistently, be able to read comfortably and get off all the pain meds.  I’m getting there, but as many people have told me, I’m not rushing it.  I’m 56 years old, and while I pushed myself 11 years ago to go back early, I’m going to do it right this time.

Thanks again for everyone’s support.  Talk to you soon.

Love you all,


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Comments (4)

  • Vince Vaccaro
    Vince Vaccaro

    Take your time Kelly .. That's the right thing to do and thank God you know that.. When I came back from hip replacement, I took as much time as I needed and that alone was a load of worry off of my mind. I went back when I was 100%, not 85% or even 95%. That decision has positively impacted me to this day! Now, I am in no way equating hip surgery to your situation, but you get my point. I am thrilled to read the good stuff happening … God is GREAT!! Stay strong! Vince

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Tessa McKee
    Tessa McKee

    Great Update Babe. You are still consistently doing something new every day. I think you are doing great. The adventure continues...

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Vincent Vaccaro
    Vincent Vaccaro

    Thanks for the update, Kelly. Dad and I think you are very wise to handle your going back to work with certain criteria needing to be met first. Just keep calm and continue to practice patience :-) :-) Luv U Mom V

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Vincent Vaccaro
    Vincent Vaccaro

    Mom and "young" Vince said it all. Always good to hear your updates. "Old" Vince

    2 years ago · Reply