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Posted 2018-10-25T01:04:14Z

4 Weeks since Surgery

Hello Everyone,

This is Kelly giving today's update.  I want everyone to know that I'm doing well, and it won't be long before I'm back to work.  I continue to try to do new things each day, and over the past week, I have driven a little more, read a little more, and slept more regularly.  That last one doesn't sound big, but it feels so nice to sleep through the night.  My head does feel tender at times, and I have a muscle relaxer that I can use in a pinch.  But I've been able to limit using that, and I only take a couple Advil before going to bed.  Of course, I wake up still feeling like someone cut a hole in my head, but at least I'm refreshed  ;-)

My face has been behaving well.  During this past week, I have only felt a ripple a few times on the right side of my face.  It has definitely been less sensitive, but I haven't done much to challenge it.  Once I begin to exercise, we will see how steady it will remain.

This week was a treat, as my boss from Germany stopped by the house to see me.  Martin is a great guy.  He and I are the same age, but he smokes like a chimney and can be a little gruff.  But he cares about the people that work for him, and he and I have now been friends for more than 15 years.  It's hard to believe that I have been going back and forth to Germany now for 20 years!  I've attached a picture of him on his Harley that he had shipped back to Germany.  Of course, he looks entirely different in the office or when speaking to the Siemens' CEO.  But it was nice for him to stop by and tell me to take my time coming back to work.

So my next milestone will be Tuesday of next week.  I will meet with Dr. Field, my neurosurgeon.  He will then provide the release for me to return to work.  I'm hoping to start on Thursday November 1st.  (I'm also hoping to move up my release to begin exercising and running.)

So thanks for stopping by.  Talk to you soon.

Love you all,



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Comments (2)

  • Christa Ruark
    Christa Ruark

    I laughed really hard when I zoomed in on this picture😍 I was like man does Daddy look different since surgery! 🤣🤣 I am excited to hear about your return to work and running. I’ll be back on the trail/treadmill tomorrow. I’m excited to use my new routine to explore Cleveland. We may need to take a Daddy/Daughter Running trip when you’re all healed. Run across the SF Bay Bridge or something. Love you!

    2 years ago · Reply
    • Kelly McKee
      Kelly McKee

      Well the operation hasn’t turned me into a Harley guy yet, but I’m glad you got a laugh. (Besides I’m probably more of an Indian Motorcycle guy if I was one 😊)

      2 years ago · Reply