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Posted 2018-09-26T20:24:00Z

Wacky Wednesday

Kelly is still doing great. Mornings are euphoric, and then it is a long day ahead. Every hour is an hour of more healing. For that we are grateful. The ebb and flow of life. From 11 am- 3:30 pm has been a challenge with hospital care. Changing from ICU to  a Regular room had some gaps. Kelly was aware of very little of this. And. As of 4 pm we have gotten EVERYTHING that we needed, but it hasn't been easy. But. Time for me to let that go. And move forward. Kelly’s care plan is now very defined. He would be proud of our “Action Items.” But I also need to see the next shift coming in at 7 pm take the baton. I think as of now, I am prepared to stay here tonight again. If things run very smoothly at the change of guard at 7pm perhaps I will feel better about leaving. So. Things are all remedied. Next is to see how things translate to the night nurse at 7pm. Love you all. [...]

Posted 2018-09-24T22:58:08Z

Op -1 Day and Counting

Hello Everyone,

Well tomorrow is surgery and I think that we're ready.  I went into work early today, but came home shortly after lunch.  Kenna came over and spent the afternoon with us, just hanging out.  It was nice.  One of my favorite memories before my 2007 surgery was when she and I went to Busch Gardens together to ride all of the rollercoasters.  I didn't know if I'd be able to ride after that surgery, but I've ridden several since.  But she was there for me then, and she has been there for me now.[...]

Posted 2018-09-23T00:02:27Z

Op -3 Days and Counting

Hello Everyone,

So what do you do on the weekend before a major surgery?  Take it easy?  Do breathing exercises?  Read medical literature?  Nope, you go have a great breakfast, do a little power washing, and watch some football.  In other words, have a normal weekend.  Today has been a nice day.  And the Buckeyes won their football game!  What can be better?  Right now I just want to do what I always do.  Nothing special.  I'm not looking for any perfect moments.  I'm not babying myself.  I just want "normal".  I went for my run on Friday afternoon in our fantastic Florida 90 degree weather that feels like 95 degrees.  I've kept my running and exercise up through all of this.  I asked my surgeon if it would hurt, and his response was, "there's no exercise that I can do to worsen this tumor".  So I'm going into this surgery in fairly decent shape.  I'm around my goal weight, and I'm maintaining my normal amount of achy muscles from exercising.[...]

Posted 2018-09-21T16:05:36Z

Ticking the Boxes

Hello Everyone,

Today we completed my pre-registration for Tuesday's surgery.  That had to happen early this morning at the hospital's medical center.  It seemed like deja vu, since we have been to this particular medical center for so many other things over the last 25 years.  I won't list them all, but the majority had to do with me for one reason or another.  This visit was the last pit-stop before we show up on the day of surgery.  That meant filling out all the paperwork, paying (hopefully) the last amount on our medical insurance deductible, performing an EKG, giving blood and getting a chest x-ray.  Everyone was very nice to us, and we even met a fellow Buckeye, Katy, our RN.  As she was going through the procedures, I accused her of trying to raise my blood pressure by talking about Bosa's injury and how it might affect Ohio State football.  (No sweat, I passed cool as a cucumber.)  I found it amusing that the medical wrap that covered my arm from taking blood looked like crime tape.  (I don't think that was the intention.)  The chest x-ray took the longest simply because there was a line of people also getting x-rays.  But eventually, we got everything that we needed.  We have the directions for where to go, and I even got a special bottle of shampoo for the night prior and morning of surgery.  (Obviously, my normal soap must be full of germs.)  So once we saw the hospital's onsite physician, we were out the door.[...]

Posted 2018-09-19T18:55:40Z

So What's This All About?

Hello Everyone,

Well, I’m sure that some of you are curious what is going on.  I’m once again opening my website to provide progress concerning my Acoustic Neuroma (AN).  The rock that remains in my head continues to give me problems, and I’m determined to finally deal with the thing once and for all.  As a reminder, I’ve had this benign tumor on my auditory nerve begin to give me problems in 2007.  I had some loss in hearing and tinnitus.  I had a surgery at that time that bored a hole in the base of my skull behind my right ear to remove the tumor.  It was a 3-4 hour surgery.  I was in the hospital about 3 days, and then returned to work after three and a half weeks.  All was good until I started to have some other problems with my taste buds and hearing in 2011.  An MRI confirmed that my AN had grown back.  So I decided to go with a radiation procedure called Gamma Knife that was meant to zap it, killing the tumor and preventing further growth.  It didn’t remove the tumor, but it was meant to stop any further growth.  That was the plan.[...]

Posted 2018-09-18T20:52:42Z

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