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Posted 2018-11-13T12:58:19Z

Can You Believe 7 Weeks?

Hello there, everyone.

As of today, it has been exactly 7 weeks since my surgery.  It seems much longer ago for me actually.  I had to look at the calendar and count it three separate times.  The pain, the unknowns, all seem so far in the past.  Today also begins my second full week back to work.  Last week went very well I think.  It was good to be back, and there were no emergencies at work that taxed me too much.  I got up at my normal 5 AM to do my short workouts and stretching.  (Because I have people that work for me in Sweden, England and Germany, I can get a lot of work in before lunch.)  And then I left work a little early to avoid the afternoon rush hour traffic.  Our offices are right next to the University of Central Florida, and the college students drive like idiots.  (I'm thankful that there are no more of them left in our family  ;-)  However, I stayed a full day yesterday.  So I believe that I'm back on my normal schedule.[...]