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Kenna the Warrior Princess

This site is to help keep our friends and family updated on Kenna’s condition.

Latest journal entry

July 15th and 16th

Yesterday was an amazing day for Kenna. They got her completely off the sedatives. She was able to communicate through writing which was huge! She was even joking around on paper with our Uncle Jay which is typical Kenna. :) 

Then this morning they extubated her!!! She can finally talk to us. She met with a dietician to talk about what foods to start introducing so they can get her off the feeding tube. They also have plans to take her off the 24/7 dialysis machine and drop her down to dialysis 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. This will allow her to get up and start walking around a little. Dialysis will likely be an ongoing process until she gets a new liver as her kidney function is poor secondary to her liver no longer working. 

This last week has been difficult. The village of people we have supporting Kenna, and us is incredible. Thank you. 


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