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Kenna Tyler Anderson - Journal

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Posted 2018-12-11T03:46:36Z

An early Christmas present

No more dialysis for Kenna! Her renal (kidney) labs looked great today. This new doctor sees no reason to put her port back in. He wants to monitor her frequently for awhile to make sure her kidneys are still functioning properly but no reason to dialyze again.[...]

Posted 2018-12-09T03:04:52Z

A fresh set of eyes....

...can make all the diffeence in the world.

Kenna has been in and out of the hospital since she was diagnosed with pneumonia a couple of months ago. She would go in due to pain in her chest, in her arms, at the insertion site of her port and the answer was always the same, ”you probably have an infection somwhere.”  They would then start her on antibiotics, she would feel better, she would go home, 3-5 days later she would feel like crap again and the cycle would start all over. [...]

Posted 2018-11-14T02:57:51Z

November 13th

Sunday was Kenna’s 27th birthday. We celebrated by going out to dinner with 12 days of Harry Potter socks and an ugly llama Christmas sweater. Those of you who know Kenna will know how that sums up her personality. Only she can rock an ugly llama Christmas sweater and do so proudly. :) [...]

Posted 2018-10-26T03:20:15Z

Hospital stay number....?

Kenna has been admitted to the hospital for the 3rd time in 5 weeks which I’m honestly not even sure what hospital admit number this is since her diagnosis in July. She has been battling pneumonia off and on this last month, and cannot seem to get rid of it. [...]

Posted 2018-10-19T03:29:49Z

18 Oct

Kenna had perhaps her quickest trip to the ER to date. Earlier tonight her knee buckled and popped. She had immediate swelling on the inside of her knee and was in pain. My mom took her over to the ER and they discovered she re-tore her MCL. An immobilizing brace and crutches were given and she was sent home. Two hours from start to finish isn’t bad for her. :) [...]

Posted 2018-10-18T02:01:59Z


Dad here -  we haven't posted much because, quite frankly, Kenna's status is in a "wait and see" mode. We're waiting to hear "big" news - transplant? Or, no? She's had her struggles - susceptible to bugs going around, aches, pains, pneumonia, infections, etc.  Since July 3, she's been to the emergency room 6 or 7 times and been admitted to the hospital 5 times. All to be expected, so the medical team tells us. She still has dialysis 3 times a weeks and is still a candidate for a double (liver/kidney) transplant. But, I'm going to post some positive news.[...]

Posted 2018-09-26T11:30:01Z

Admission number 4

Kenna ended up in the ER last night. She wasn’t feeling well and over all felt off.  She had a fever when she arrived.  After running some initial tests it was decided that she needed to be admitted. She has an infection somewhere, they are not 100% sure where at this point. [...]