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Kenna Tyler Anderson - Journal

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Posted 2018-12-11T03:46:36Z

An early Christmas present

No more dialysis for Kenna! Her renal (kidney) labs looked great today. This new doctor sees no reason to put her port back in. He wants to monitor her frequently for awhile to make sure her kidneys are still functioning properly but no reason to dialyze again.[...]

Posted 2018-12-09T03:04:52Z

A fresh set of eyes....

...can make all the diffeence in the world.

Kenna has been in and out of the hospital since she was diagnosed with pneumonia a couple of months ago. She would go in due to pain in her chest, in her arms, at the insertion site of her port and the answer was always the same, ”you probably have an infection somwhere.”  They would then start her on antibiotics, she would feel better, she would go home, 3-5 days later she would feel like crap again and the cycle would start all over. [...]