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Cindy Martin Cindy Martin

I want to thank Martha Medlock and Sherry Baker, our principal, to allow mentioning blood testing to our staff at Lake Travis Middle School. Martha set up a form, on line, to fill out for any staff member who would be willing to be tested as a possible match. Chris is type O positive. I appreciate the effort and goodwill that was extended to Chris at this time. Thank you!

Cindy Martin Cindy Martin

Thank you for your concern and well wishes. Chris is continuing with tests and preparation in case a donor match comes along. He just had an ecocardiogram and then after this he will continue with his regular regiment and regular blood work. Keep Chris in your prayers and hopefully something will come up for him.

Rick Robinson Rick Robinson

Chris, I am praying for your complete healing and that someone has already been prepared to provide you with a nice, healthy kidney. You stood by me in touch times when I had Sound Reinforcements when all others had abandoned me. You always did the right thing and not only were you a good rep for Aldridge, but a good friend. We need you around much longer. God is a work, though you may not see Him. But he's providing for you every day. Blessings and prayers, my friend.

SherBlessing1ry Robards-Cottone SherBlessing1ry Robards-Cottone

Chris, I’m a friend and “groupie” from the old Bloomington Red Lion days, and just saw this post on your Facebook page. I’m so sorry you’re going through all this, and I’m praying for your quick move up the transplant list to new health. I want to wish you a happy birthday too!! It was such a pleasure to see you at the anniversary party for the Red Lion last winter! I want you to continue feeling all the joy that you’ve given out over the years to all of us fans!!💕 Sherry Robards-Cottone

Rick Nye Rick Nye

I met Chris through my father being in the sound business since I was a kid. Eventually, I ended up in the business and still remember Chris being so professional and personally concerned for all of his clients. I pray for a miracle that only the Creator can do any way He chooses so Chris can continue to be a blessing to everyone around him. He always greeted me and others with a smile and that is still my memory of him to this day. Now that I am an Audio/Video Production teacher in high school I find myself needing to greet my students with that same positive smile no matter what because it does make a difference to other around you. Many blessings, Chris!

Curt Taipale Curt Taipale

Satan is a jerk! Please know that Jeanna and I praying for you tonight.

Marilou Hamill Marilou Hamill

Chris, you are the most positive, genuine person I have ever met. I only wish the best outcome for you with this battle you are facing. I'm sorry we have not stayed in closer contact the past few years, but talking with you last week, it is as if no time has passed since the days of our frequent talks and visits. With the love and support of your wonderful family and friends, you will prevail. Thoughts and prayers are with you from The Hamill Family.