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Kidney Updates for Jeff

A site for anyone wanting to know about Jeff's Kidney transplant status.

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Posted 2019-07-23T16:35:28Z

Note from Jeff

 This is Jeff writing (finally!). 

 I just read through all the journal entries and I couldn’t help wonder if that was really me?! I have made great progress since the last posting. It has been almost 11 weeks since the surgery and I am feeling much stronger now and have more energy. I am out walking regularly for at least 30 minutes at a time. It is such a joy to be able to go outside and do something as simple as go for a walk. 

 I look forward to living a more normal life soon, especially since the hospital visits are becoming less frequent. Currently I have bloodwork every week and visit the hospital every two weeks to see the nephrologist. My medications change every couple weeks based on lab results but I am told this is normal and should stabilize in the coming months. In a few months when the doctors feel I am ready they will be removing my other kidney. I will keep you posted. 

 On the day of my surgery my kidney function was at 16% and is now in the normal range, thanks to you Susan. As the words on our shirts say, we really are “Kidney Buddies for Life”.  There are no words to describe the enormity of the gift Susan has given me and my entire family. I am starting to enjoy better health than I have had in years. I will be forever grateful. 

I also want to thank everyone for their prayers and messages of support. Just hearing and feeling all those positive wishes gave me a huge lift especially in the early days of my recovery. Your words meant so much and helped me get through the tough moments. I appreciate everyone of you more than you’ll ever know.



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