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Kaylin's Story

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Out of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

We got moved out of PICU you today! This is a big and positive step. PICU is not meant for long term care so the sooner you are out the better. That said, over the two weeks we have been in PICU, we have had some awesome care especially from the nurses. They are absolutely the best and we became friends with all of them but one nurse we came to truly appreciate that was assigned to Kaylin the more times than the other staff. 

While we were in PICU we started rehab and therapy. Kaylin was able to sit up at the edge of her bed with some assistance and later on with less help, especially holding her head. Today, however, the therapist helped her stand up! The therapist was basically hugging Kaylin to support her but Kaylin was actually using her left leg with some assistance from her right leg to stand. Huge moment and must have felt great for Kaylin especially after laying in bed for 15 days and the therapist were also thrilled.

We are now in the Neurosurgery recovery rooms. And despite the name, it is a much better environment for Kaylin than the PICU. Even though she is still being weaned off her heavy medication, it will be easier to have her rehab and therapy progress on the neurosurgery recovery floor than in the PICU. Tomorrow is a new day.

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