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Kim’s Journey to Healing

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Posted 2019-10-26T02:43:36Z

One Year Ago Today...I Got The Call

     One year ago today I got the call that changed my life forever.  It has been a long year and I have been looking at pictures, texts, and emails from the last year all day today while listening to ‘Fight on Fighter’ by King and Country.  I am having all the emotions today and all the memories are flooding back....sad memories, hard memories and even sweet, precious memories.  If you had told me 2 years ago that I would have a baby while fighting cancer, I would have said, ‘your crazy’ but it happened.  Let me just tell you some of my thoughts from today.

     First let me say, chemo stinks and I’m still dealing with the effects of it (brittle nails, stomach issues, chemo brain...etc) but I have met some awesome people along the way and have seen Jesus working through them.  Seriously, chemo really sucks but I do believe I’m stronger for having gone through it.  Next, Chad and I have had a rough year and yet we have grown stronger in our marriage.  He has been my rock.  Not saying he’s perfect but I couldn’t imagine walking this low valley with anyone else.  Last and most importantly, I need Jesus more than ever.  I am NOT superwoman as some have told me...far from it.  Some have wondered how I have gotten through the last year and I don’t really know.  I have a lot of battle scars (some fairly big ones) but I have learned to live one day at a time.  Jesus, prayer, coffee, chocolate and a lot of beautiful people have helped me get on the other side of this cancer journey.

     Now I’m not the same woman I was a year ago with the scars, totally different hair, brittle nails, etc but I’m learning to love the new me because through God’s amazing love He has shown me that I’m far more to Him than what others call beautiful.  I’m a warrior...I’m His warrior.  And my mustard seed faith has grown so much through His tender care.  My fight is not over yet but I’m so close I can almost touch it.  Thank you for the continued prayers.  We love you.

Peace and Blessings,



Upcoming Treatments:

My last Kadcyla treatment is Friday, November 15th.  Woohoo 🎉
My plastic surgeon will check my skin Monday, November 18th to see if it’s healed from radiation to do the exchange surgery.
Monday, December 9th, I am scheduled for my 2nd/last reconstruction surgery if my skin has healed enough.  I will have a week to 2 weeks of weight restriction.

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