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Posted 2019-04-30T02:41:15Z

Surgery Update!

Hello friends and family!  It’s been a long time since we’ve updated but there were a lot of decisions to be made and we wanted to be able to share those updates.  My chemo treatments are done and next step is surgery.  My bi lateral mastectomy is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29th and I am opting for reconstruction.  Dr.  Harriman will perform the mastectomy and check some lymph nodes and if he doesn’t see anything then he will stop.  The same day my plastic surgeon, Dr. Allison, will put my expanders in to begin the reconstruction process.  Chads parents will be keeping the kiddos and Auntie E will be helping out as well.  I will stay one night in the hospital and then go home.  I will have a  4-6week weight restriction and can’t pick up my babies.(That will be really difficult). Then once I’ve healed there is a likely chance that I will have radiation. Once I’ve totally healed and have finished radiation (if I do it) then I would have a 2nd surgery and have a weight restriction again...but hopefully not as long.  For maintenance, I am taking tamoxifen and continuing to take Herceptin.  I will take tamoxifen for 5 years and Herceptin till December and then I can take my port out.  I hope 2020 will be my year and my cancer journey to be finished.  Thank you again for all your support, encouragement, and prayers.  We love you all!!!  Prayer requests and list of needs are at the bottom.


Chad and Kim

Prayer Requests:

-  Please pray that the surgery goes well and that there are no surprise finds.  Pray that there is nothing found.
-  Please pray for good health for everyone, including care takers.
-  Please pray for Chad as he is working hard at his job, taking care of the farm and me.
-  Please continue to pray for my mom’s health.  She wants to help out more but can’t due to her health issues.  And please pray for my dad as well.
-  Please pray for our caretakers in general.  They will have a lot on their plates.
-  My biggest concerns are dealing with pain, healing and for the reconstruction process to go well, and most importantly that I will still find ways to love my babies when I can’t pick them up.  I am concerned about Elijah being rough with me after surgery.

Our biggest needs:

Grocery pick up
Take Elijah to the park some days
Cleaning Days

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