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As Cheryl mentioned, I got out of the hospital on Friday, November 2, 2018, but not before seeing the pulmonary and radiology doctors.  The pulmonary doctor put me on two different inhalers due to bronchitis. I have been feeling much better; it really helps me breathe.  The radiology doctors suggested we start radiation treatments as soon as possible. 

My first appointment with the radiologist was Monday, November 5, 2018, when they tattooed two of three markers to align for the radiation treatments. 

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, I had the Opdivo (immunotherapy) treatment and I felt really good after treatment. I was even able to go on our annual girls' shopping weekend in Birch Run and Saginaw.  Although I was not able to keep up with the girls they did a great job of getting a lot of shopping done.  Dawn, my daughter-in-law, did so much shopping for me – for the grandkids and family – I love her so much and am so lucky and grateful to have her in my life/family. 

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, I had the third marker placed and will start radiation treatments on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, for 15 consecutive days. 

My next treatment to get Opdivo, Yervoy and Zometa are scheduled for Wednesday, November 21, 2018, but it all will depend on how much radiation I am getting and if we can do all three immunotherapies and bone builder with the radiation. 

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and wish everyone a safe, happy joyous holiday season. 

Love to you all!  Thank you always for your continued support, prayers, and love!


"When life is giving you a thousand reasons to cry, then show life that you have a million reasons to be happy."



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