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Fighting Cancer

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Posted 2014-02-11T16:59:23Z

PET scan take 1

So - today was PET scan day, take 1.  Long story short, it didn't work so we will have to redo it later in the week.  

This weekend, Lance and I spent a lot of time on the island of denial and it was wonderful.  Each time reality reared it's ugly head, we received a word of encouragement, email, text, prayer or visit from a dear family member or friend.  They are such powerful gifts and we can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate them!   We treasure each and every one of them, and I promise you we feel them!  THANK YOU for taking the time to care.  It means the world.

So here's the deal on today - if you exercise within a 24 hour window you can mess up the results.  Would have been helpful to know that before hand!  Lance is a man on a mission - he started training seriously after his thyroidectomy, and he's turned it up a notch over the last week to get ready for the road ahead.  Instead of taking the elevator, we were walking the stairs from the parking garage to the facility, but please.  We are so type A nervous energy people.  If you want us to sit still, you have to tell us.

While it's a disappointment we have to push it back a few days it has been the source of a lot of laughter between us today.  And a really great life lesson that we need to be more on top of this!  It just wasn't in the cards today.  I love that we can laugh about it.

Anyway - I'll communicate an update when we have one.  Right now it looks like Monday might be the earliest we'll have his final diagnosis.  In the meantime, THANK YOU for your prayers.  We can't tell you how much we appreciate them and treasure each and every one of you!  


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