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Lance Schine

Updates for Family and Friends on Lance's progress and rehabilitation

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The Next Step

On Monday, Lance was discharged from a rehabilitation center in Baltimore and chaperoned to Omaha, Nebraska for the next step in his recovery process. He will be at QLI, a sub-acute spinal rehabilitation center, for the next couple of months working hard to regain his strength and motion. We are particularly excited for this rehab as it has a much different vibe than where he has spent the last few months. The focus is on what they call Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation and is so much more positive and forward thinking. The therapists seem more energized and committed to new ideas and technology which is much more his speed. His therapist is amazed at how hard Lance pushes himself daily and has put him on a very aggressive therapy schedule of 6-7 hours a day. He is also able to do a little work and have some fun. He has been “cleared” to go to the Target and movie theater across the street (in his electric wheelchair) by himself – which I have heard is clearance only given to a few patients ;) He is also able to do a number of adaptive sports like biking, kayaking, climbing and fishing.

Please continue to reach out via text or email or posting to this site. It means a lot to him to hear the support of friends and family..  

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