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Lance Schine

Updates for Family and Friends on Lance's progress and rehabilitation

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May 11th

On May 11th Lance was in a car accident on his way to work traveling to the Baltimore area on I95 North. He was Heli-vaced to Baltimore Shock Trauma within the hour and thankfully given excellent medical care. He sustained injuries to 22 different bones -- often multiple fractures or breaks. The most concerning issue was the injury to his spinal cord in the C5 region. An injury this high on the spinal cord can affect movement and sensory from the chest down to the toes. We were assured that his spinal cord was not severed, which is very positive. The rate and recovery of an individual with a similar spinal cord injury can vary greatly so it was hard for the doctors to give us an indication of how much Lance would recover. Lance spent two weeks at Shock Trauma in Baltimore showing very few signs of movement below his chest. Thankfully, as his spinal cord swelling began to go down, we started seeing slow, but significant changes that have given us a lot of hope. Fast forward two months, Lance has made some amazing progress.  He is weak from the injury and from being in bed for two months, but the signals are making it from the brain through the spinal cord and this is an excellent indication of future success. 

Anyone that knows Lance knows that he is extremely positive and driven. I have heard the same thing over and over by anyone that has spent any amount of time with him -- If anyone can do this, it is Lance. I agree. He is far too competitive to let this beat him! Those who know him best know that it is just a matter of time and hard work. And, yes, he is working from his hospital bed. Naturally. 

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