Some recent sites
iks-sh - IKS Paper Cutter Nose Bars Release Your Hands paper cutter is made of our own slicer knife which devote to make every custom cut paper more easily than other paper cutter manufactured by other company.

Ann Perbohner - Keep on keeping on

Updates and gratitude!

Declan Lybeck - Tough Guy Declan!

This site is created to help update family and close friends about Declan's recent diagnosis, surgery, and recovery. We hope this to be a temporary need, but may continue to use it for his future surgeries, etc. Thank you all for caring about Declan and for your support!

Miss Tiny Conway - Half the Heart, All the Fight

A place where friends and family can get updates on our little fighter's heart journey, share thoughts and prayers, and celebrate her triumphs.

Cancer Patients - Urology Specialist

I'm here to help with any questions patients have regarding urologic cancers.

Joe - Papa Joe's Journey

Follow along Joe's path to fighting Pancreatic Cancer.

Diane McVicker - Diane's Mobility - YES!

Diane is going for right foot ankle fusion surgery on Wednesday, March 22nd. She will be non- weight bearing on the affected foot for about 6 weeks following the procedure.

Joe Klug - Joe Klug

Joe Klug is battling brain cancer.

Edna/Christy Baltera - Get well wishes for Edna

A place for Holics and others to contribute well-wishes for Edna's recovery

John Meadows - John's Journey

A site dedicated to updating friends and family of John, Jessica, Abby and Grace.

Kelly - TheWriter

effective insights

Team Dave - Team Dave

News about Dave's progress and opportunities to share information.

Gera Jencks - Gera Jencks Baby Site

This site is a way for family, friends, and loved ones of Christie, Micah, and Baby Gera to check in and see day to day how they are all doing.

Brad Allison - Brad's Heart Journey ❤

Dr Thom Morris - Dr Thom Morris

This site is intended to inform friends and family of Thom's progress. Well wishes, prayers, positivity, and fond memories are encouraged!

Jacklyn Smith - Jackii's Fight Against Lyme

This is my story and my fight against incurable Lyme Disease

Bob Williams - Bob Williams

I am maintaining this site with/on behalf of my dad, Bob, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. We will post the details of the feedback he receives from his medical team here, in an effort to keep those who love him informed, but allow him to focus his energy on getting well.

Janet Fretz - Team Janet

Janet's journey with recurrent colon cancer. Initial diagnosis: approximately a dozen tumors in the abdomen and a tumor in one of her ovaries.

Matthew Thomas Bull - PleaseBULLieve

To provide hope, faith, love and encouragement and to "GiveCancerTheHorns".

Missy & Lincoln Baker - The Baker Family

Updates for the health, healing and progress of Momma Missy and sweet baby Lincoln.

Kristin Walega - Ms. Walega's Wild Ride

In mid-November I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It has been quite the journey so far, 3 surgeries and now it continues with 8 rounds of chemo over 16 weeks. As the journey unfolds it has been harder and harder to keep everyone updated. I hope having this page can help me stay connected to family & friends and also help me process this crazy time in my life. For anyone that wants to know how they can help please check out this link or email me or call.

Peter - Peter's Journey

We decided on a site to post updates for Peter as he fights a neurological autoimmunity syndrome. We appreciate the care and concern and felt this would be easiest and best for those who inquire. We are working with a doctor in eastern New York, who has helped many many children from all over this country and around the world. PANDAS/PANS. PANS, or Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome is an encephalitic-type autoimmune disease that can be induced by different illnesses: strep throat (PANDAS,) mycoplasma, pneumonia, flu and/or Lyme Disease. In short, rogue cells that should be fighting the disease itself break through the blood brain barrier of the child (or adult) and attack the brain. When the basal ganglia is under siege, the child can experience tics, OCD, rage, depression, separation anxiety, and more.

Marco Ruiz - Marco D. Ruiz

Welcome to our posthope page. Marco and I are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We are grateful for your love and support and any words of hope and encouragement. Your love and prayers have already worked wonders ❤

Dan Rembold - Dan's Got This

The Diagnosis Story

Margaret Moser - #TeamMoser

Welcome to #TeamMoser. This site will post the primary information for our Margaret. Please check back often for updates, prayer requests, and good news. Margaret will be checking the site for messages, so please leave her notes of encouragement throughout her journey to health. Thank you!

Nathan L'Italien - Pray For Nate

If you have had the blessing of meeting Nate, then he has left a lasting impression on you. The most genuine, happy, positive, fun human being that anyone could know and love. He is the best uncle, brother, son, friend, comedian, story teller, dancer, singer, I could go on... Please, keep Nate in your thoughts and prayers {and our family} as he continues on this journey of healing.

Michael Zontelli - Kidney4Zon

Info and updates on Mike Z's search for a new kidney. Links to living donation and chronic kidney disease information.

Mindy Woodbury - Prayers for Mindy

This blog is a medium to communicate updates and important messages to Mindy's family and friends.

Riley Fitzgerald - #TeamRiley

Family and friends, join TeamRiley and stay updated on this spunky little bird's journey fighting cancer.

Gloria Galicia - Gloria Galicia

Our dear friend and fellow coworker, Gloria Galicia, needs our help. She has been diagnosed with 2 brain aneurysms that need to be treated immediately to save her life.

Nancy Masland - Nancy's back surgery on 1/11/2017

Nancy Masland will have her L3, L4, and L5 vertibrae fused on 1/11/2017 to alleviate the excruciating pain she is experiencing. The surgery will be at noon on 1/11.

Laura Heidorn - Laura's Pink Ribbon Journey

A look into my journey with breast cancer.

James McClelland - Jim's Heart Surgery Recovery

Jim had open heart surgery on January 8, 2017.

Tod Rasmussen - Tod's Journey

Tod's Journey back from spinal fusion surgery

Tabitha Shoemaker - Tabitha & Ella Grace

This site will allow family and friends to stay informed of my high-risk pregnancy diagnoses of "complete placenta previa" and "placenta percreta", my hospital stay, and the impending premature birth of our baby girl, Ella Grace.

Tara Bell - Tara Bell's Site

This site was designed to create a link between Tara Bell and her family and friends. Tara will post updates and welcomes loving wishes and posts from everyone.

Jim Custer - The Road to Recovery

Monday, January 2nd, one of the best people we know, Jim Custer suffered from a Spinal Stroke which paralyzed him from the collarbone down. We will post updates on this website as we moved into the rehabilitation phase of recovery.

Aaron - Aaron's Page

Aaron is our 11 year old son who is fighting an illness called Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). MDS is a haematological disorder that results in his bone marrow failing to produce sufficient healthy blood. Since his diagnosis this summer, he has received excellent care at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto. He is awaiting a bone marrow transplant, which is scheduled for January 2017.

Woods Gleason - Woods Gleason

Medical Updates

John Schroeder - John's Kidney

Update on what's happening.

Fran - The Journey, Part 2

This site is designed to allow Fran or a designee to update family and friends on her progress through the second round of Lymphoma and, hopefully, a successful stem cell transplant;

Colleen O'Leary - Bad Blood

A place where we can keep friends and family up to date with Colleen's stem cell transplant, and provide support.

Tracy Hodges - Tracy Hodges Heart Hiccup

Tracy's aortic valve replacement

Billy Nestos - BILLieve

This site created to keep our loving and supportive friends and family updated as our brave son, Billy, walks through his battle against Stage 3 Lymphoma.

Karen Cole - Karen Cole

Karen's in the hospital, husband Jim will update this site frequently

Janice Reigal - Janice Updates

Instead of sending so many emails and to keep everyone on the same page, anything you feel that should be shared with the group can be posted here.

Sarah (Schuette) Smith - Sarah's Warriors

Sarah was recently diagnosed with synovial sarcoma. We are using this site to keep our family and friends (Sarah's Warriors) updated with her struggles and successes as she undergoes treatment. We know that the journey will be tough one, but with the love and support we receive from family and friends and the strength and peace we find in God we are certain that we can get through this.

Quinn Marie - #PrayForQuinn

This is a website dedicated to sharing our daughter's journey. Quinn was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease called tricuspid atresia the day after she was born.

Matthew Rauenzahn - Prayers and Encouragement for Matthew

This website is a venue for us to provide updates about Matthew's treatment for Inflammatory Bowl Disease (IBD). It will also serve as a mechanism for you to communicate with Matthew and us. We would appreciate any prayers and encouragement for him.

Garrett Blagg - Garrett Blagg

Sharing Garrett's story.