Some recent sites
Morris Arnold - Mopaw

Updates on Morris's health journey

Trish Robinson - Trish Is A Fighter

Our mom Trish was diagnosed with MDS/ Pre-Leukemia in January 2020. She will have to go through multiple rounds of chemo before going on a journey of having a bone marrow transplant.

Randy Greenwood - My Pancreatic Cancer Fight

To keep our friends and family updated on our journey.

Steven Turner - Mmmmm.......I'd rather be fishing

Steven's journey with AML. This site will keep everyone informed as we go thru this journey with AML. He will get back to fishing soon.

Heather Hall - Fight like a girl!

Communication regarding Heather's fight against invasive ductal carcinoma that is estrogen + progesterone +and HER2 -

Scott Pennington - Updates for family and friends

News and encouragements for those following along on Scott's journey with cancer

Janice Door - Janice Door

For the care of and update for Janice Door, healing from Lymphoma since Sept 2018

Kyle Johnson - Kyle Smiles

This site is for the purpose of keeping our friends and family updated as Kyle goes through his heart surgery.

The Hahn Family - Love for the Hahn Family

Show your love and support for Dave, Ashley and Katie while being kept in the loop of Dave's condition and finding out how you can help.

Sheri - Update

News about Sheri’s recovery

Nancy Merles - nancy gets better

will fill this out later

Joan "Grandmomgirl" Cowan Repici - Joan 'GMomG' Repici's Winter Blues

Joan "GMOMG" Cowan Repici has been hospitalized since 01-12-2020 battling a myriad of complications after contracting bacterial pneumonia. This blog is to keep her many family members and friends updated about how she's doing & how to help!

Rachel (Motschiedler) Baird - The Story

At the beginning of January 2020 I was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer....This is the story.

Jim Walker - Big Jim Walker's Care Site

Site for Big Jim's Journey and battle against Pancreatic Cancer

George A. Beylouny - Because we love you...

A site created to channel communication about the well-being of our father for those whose lives he touched.

Cat Circo - Cancer fight

The latest news

Keeya Charleston - Update on Keeya’s surgery

Please Prayer for Keeya and her family Only contact this site. I will keep you posted

Chuck Schilling - Chuck's Journey

Chuck was diagnosed with Stage 4 Stomach cancer on January 29th 2020

John Mueller - Dad, kicked down a notch, kicking back

Sharing updates, feelings, and love for John. How he went from over-working to being over-worked and is now experiencing what it's like to have a body that won't keep up with your hopes. How John becomes a recipient of love, help, blood, and medical expertise rather than a habitual provider of the above.

Maria T Do - 10,000 Mountains 2 Climb

The world is big, but it is also small. Many hands, make small work as the saying goes. And the load is made so much lighter when there are many to carry it. Dispatches, stories, sketches, and notes on this journey with the big C.

Sherry - sherryjones

Updates about sherry

Marcia Schramm - Help Marcia Kick Cancer

This is a place where friends and family can share their love and support for Marcia and she can share stories about her journey.

Cynthia Austin - Cynthia's post surgery page

Cynthia is having surgery on Dec. 18th! This page will help her friends know how she is doing and what they can sign up for to help her (because we know she wont ask).

Chris B. Smith - Chris Smith's Journey with ALS

Welcome to the Chris B. Smith PostHope site. This site is for family and friends and will serve as the primary source for updates on Chris.

Audrey Grace Tomore - Audrey Graces' Journey

A place to help keep track of Audrey's progress

Michal Michlin-Friedlander - Help Michal Fight ALS

Last year Michal was diagnosed with ALS. Since then many have asked us what can be done to help. This website is an attempt to create a centralize place with updates and ways to support Michal.

Adrian Peterson and Yoko Sano - Adrian and Yoko Kidney Transplant

updates on Adrian and Yoko's Kidney transplant and recovery

The Brown Family - Updates on Sadie

Updates on Sadie

Mum and Dad - Helping Hands for Ma and Pa Semedo


Dave Kast - Kast Iron Strong

We're using this journal to keep family and friends updated in one place as Dave goes through treatment for liver cancer. Most (if not all) entries will be written by Wendy but Dave may pop in here as well if I can convince him to! We appreciate your words of hope, support, and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

Marina Mecozzi - Marina Mecozzi

We (Jenny and Frank) are having another baby girl. Our daughter has a serious congenital heart defect. She will require complicated open heart surgery within one week of birth. We have chosen this website as the primary medium for updating our friends and family on our daughter's condition, prognosis, and schedule. We sincerely appreciate your concern. We understand that this health complication is also stressful and scary for our family and close friends. We want to inform you of what is going on as effectively and effortlessly as possible while we navigate the most challenging days of our lives. Please accept these updates in lieu of direct communication. If you do still feel the need to speak with either one of us, please make it Frank. 831 251 9953.

Randi - Randi's Journey

This is to keep you up-to-date (as much as possible) of what's going on with Randi

Matthew Hall - Matt's Updates

Just a place for updates as Matt flights Cancer. Seemed easier then email

Fr Edward Prus - Our Shepherd

Update on Fr Prus - Mind, Body & Soul

Robert R. - Robert R.

New Braunfels, TX

Laima Danilovs - The bad ass healing circle of Laima Danilovs

This site is to help all of those who want to support and help Laima as she goes through this voyage with her cancer treatment and healing.

Jim Dougan - Stronger Together

Please leave your words of support for Jim. We would love to hear stories of Jim's antics and adventures--the the times he made you laugh, drove you crazy, helped you out, and any other memories you have shared that you want to remember in writing forever. What inspires you most about him? This is our chance to show Jim how much we love him and how grateful we are to have him in our lives. This special human needs our love and strength.

Twin City Security Houston - Twin City Security Houston

Twin City Security is the Houston Security Company Trusted to Protect People and Assets Since 1982.

Luann Callahan - Lu Smashes Leukemia

Luann was diagnosed with Leukemia on October 22, 2019. This site is used to keep everyone up to date on her treatment and healing journey.

Eric L. VanDussen - Eric VanDussen's journey through duodenal cancer

Eric was diagnosed with duodenal cancer, an adenalcarcinoma, on Thursday, 10/17/19 after a summer of feeling unwell & week's prior, being diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer. Eric had a Whipple procedure done on 10/22/19 at Spectrum Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, where he was hospitalized until 11/8/19. He is now recuperating at home.

Alex Watts - Alex's Health Adventures

Updating you on the health adventures of Alex Watts, as he journeys through the uncharted waters of bowel cancer and chemotherapy.

Liebe - Stinson Beach Power Outage

A quick way to communicate with folks all over the country what is happening here at the beach.

daughter - Getting better

sharing news

(Nancy) Danielle & Kelly Hannon - Hannon Kidney Transplant

We are using PostHope to help keep family and friends updated in one place. The kidney transplant is scheduled for the morning of October 29th. We appreciate your support, words of hope and encouragement. If you would like to subscribe to updates via email, feel free! Otherwise, thank you for visiting!

Sam Coffaro - Follow Me in Prayers for Sam

Collective prayer support for Sam on his journey through the Army Ranger school.

Bob Bauer - Bob's Battle

This website will serve to update family and friends on the latest news regarding Bob's battle with cancer. We thank you for your love, support, and prayers!

Nancy Marr - Team Nancy

A site for caregivers and family to communicate about Nancy's care.

Russell Riviere - All Things Considered

Russell was diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer on October 7, 2019. We want to keep our family and friends updated on his progress beating this disease.

Rudy Perez - Rudy's Updates

Rudy’s recent diagnosis of liver cancer was a shock to us all. Please use this website to stay up-to-date on his care plan and leave your well wishes.

Norma Zahn - Team Norma

In August 2019, Norma was diagnosed with breast cancer. This site is set up to streamline communication about her journey and specific needs.