Some recent sites
James C. Bingham - Love4Jim

To update people of Jims journey withCJD syndrome.

Drake Kiderlen - Drake’s Journey

Drake is a 12 year old boy who was diagnosed with a Primary Pineal brain tumor on July 13, 2018. On July 19th he had surgery where 90% of his tumor removed and on August 9 we received the news that his tumor was malignant. On August 15th, Drake had a shunt placed in his skull to help remove the fluid from his brain to be absorbed in his abdominal cavity. At this time they are waiting for his skull to heal before they start radiation treatment to treat the cancer.

Melissa Johnson - Melissa's healing processs

My niece was diagnosed with a brain tumor. No surgery scheduled yet as the are looking for a Dr. who will accept her HMO insurance. She is a single mother for 5 & has no sick or leave of absence time for her employer. We need all the help & prayers we can get to get her & her children through this

Dick Grove - How Dad's Doing

We all got shocking news at the beginning of the summer that dad's bladder cancer was much more than superficial - in fact, it had spread to and through his bones. The severity and suddenness of his pain has been devastating to us all - especially dad. We feel so bad for what he's going through; however, it's been heartwarming to see his friends reach out and we want to do what we can to keep everyone informed of his status and what we know about treatment. We've experienced these sites from the other side and have come to appreciate what they can provide for all involved and hope we can provide the same. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers - he/we need them.

Olivia Mellen - Olivia Mellen

With brave wings she flies! Leukemia won't keep Livi down!!

Nettie Benak - Let's Kick Some Mass

Thoughts and stories about making my way through having a mass on my brain

Paul Gibson - The Search for Paul's Hero

Our friend, Paul Gibson, needs a new liver. We are looking for his match. Hear Paul's story and learn how you or someone you know could help make an incredible impact for him and his family and become his hero.

Karen M Fulks - Surrounded by Angels

This site is for our sister Karen.

Kristine Field - Kristine’s Journey

Kristine’s Journey to a healthy future

Faith Smith - Faith's Circle of Support

This is the place to visit to keep up with Faith Smith's recovery and to celebrate her resilience.

Julz - Julz Vs. Breast Cancer

Stay updated on Julz’s progress as she kicks cancers ass! See how shes doing, find out if you can help, send some positive vibes!

Rusty Crossland - Rusty Crossland

Stay up-to-date on Rusty's cancer treatment.

Cassie - Cassie's Tester

I'm testing this website out.

Susan Neibel - Our Dear Susan

The exciting journey of Susan Neibel's incredibly adventurous life

Ryan Cheperka - Ryan's Health Central

A place for Ryan's family & friends to stay informed on her journey with lymphoma and to find out ways you can help. Welcome and thanks for supporting Ryan & Renée! ♥

Bessie Smith - Bessie Conquers

Bessie is fighting Cancer and will win!

Susan Maiorana - Cancer Schmancer

Updates on Susan's condition and ways you can help.

Jane Smith - Jane Smith's PostHope Page

Description...thank you for visiting

Robert Kyler - Robert Kyler

This website will be used as a platform for friends and family to share their support and comments for Robert Kyler and his family.

George Stumpff - George Stumpff’s Cancer Journey

Thank you to everyone who has expressed love and caring during this time. This website is intended to keep everyone up tp date on George’s cancer care.

Lori Stillwell - Hope for Lori

Receive updates on Lori's battle with ccancer. PLEASE share stories, photos, and support her on this journey.

Darrin Breitmayer - Darrin's Page

To support Darrin through his recovery.

amy moebius - Keeping Abreast (pun intended)

This summer I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This site will hopefully help me update close friends and family without having to tell the story over and over again.

Jay Kleiber - Collecting Well Wishes for Jay

Jay recently underwent heart surgery. Let's send him well wishes for strength and a rapid recovery.

Dorcas - Journey with God and Breast Cancer

A place for your written prayers, God's truth (Scripture) that I need to be reminded of, music that speaks God's truth, and Jokes / Humor (laughter is medicine)

Brad Rauchfuss - Fearless

A site created to update everyone on Brad Rauchfuss as he travels this stage 4 cancer path that has been placed before him

Janene Pakseresht - Shove it, cancer.

Join me in my fight to be treated and cured from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Lance Schine - Lance Schine

Updates for Family and Friends on Lance's progress and rehabilitation

Kenna Tyler Anderson - Kenna the Warrior Princess

This site is to help keep our friends and family updated on Kenna’s condition.

Michael Petros - Updates on Michael Petros

A website for Friends and Family to receive updates on Michael George Petros

Steve Katz - Steve's Health Updates

As most of you are aware, my father Steve was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma in his lungs and liver last month. Though it hasn't been an easy road, my dad is the strongest person I know, and we all know he is going to beat this. We are all humbled by the outpouring of continued love and support from my Dad's "fan club" as I like to refer to you all. Follow this site for updates, as well as ways you can help.

Toni - Toni


Dale Orwig - DaleO

The purpose of this site is provide a simple way to share my journey of MCL treatment, and for friends and family to keep up to date with my physical and spiritual journey. I've adopted this "second" site confident its very easy for everyone to use.

Pierson Mielke - Updates on Pierson

At 19 weeks pregnant, I found one of my twin boys had shorter lower limb bones in his right leg. Pierson is missing part of his fibula bone, has a shortened tibia bone and is missing one toe all on his right leg. This is called Fibular Hemimelia. We are undergoing his first of 3-4 surgeries through his childhood to stabilize and lengthen his right leg. He is a fighter and full of energy but we could always use your prayers to keep him going!

Cindy Filloon - Cindy Filloon Updates

This site is a central location for friends and family of Cindy Filloon to receive updates on her health and care.

John Nichols - John's Health Updates

Since John's stroke many of you have wanted more frequent updates than those posted online, you can now get that information here. Thank you for the thought, prayers, and visiting with us during this difficult period in our life.

Clint Froelich - Clint and His Fight Against Cancer

About three months ago, Clint was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma with signet cell features. This is a very rare and aggressive type of cancer. His life has been turned upside-down with the diagnosis of cancer, but he is determined to beat this. Love, prayers, support, and hearing from as many people as po[...]

Ed Gray - Ed Gray

Support Network

Barry Parker - Barry Parker

We created this site to keep friends and family up to date on Barry's health. Thanks for your support.

CH TEST - This is a test by Cherie

Testing website to see how it looks/works

Robert Gonzales - Robert Gonzales

Keeping family and friends connected through Robert's healing journey

Williams Adoption - Waiting on Little Williams

This site serves to update our family and friends regarding our adoption journey!

Scott Blackman - Scott Blackman

Updates about Scott and Sandy Blackman in Newport Oregon

Nicholas Goodman - Nicholas Wins

Come here for updates on Nicholas' health progress, calendar of specific events, view special requests and photos.

Jeannie Finch - Jeannie Finch

Updates on Jeannie's medical meanderings

Laura Dodge - Laura's ALS Journey

Thank you for coming here. This is a site that is intended to help support Laura and her family during her journey through ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). This is a journey that will be difficult at times and encouraging at others. This is a place for prayer requests, education, ideas, updates and support on the journey for Laura, Bill and Aleta.

Laura Barry - Kicking Melanoma's Butt

If you want updates about my fight against melanoma you can find them here!

Kari Tippens - Kari Kicking Ass

I was diagnosed with gastric cancer in May. Updates to my story will be posted here.

Nicole Doucette - Nicole's Orthognathic Surgery

As you all know, Nicole will be undergoing Orthognathic Surgery on July 5 at Tufts Medical Center. We are anticipating a 3-4 day hospital stay, followed by an 8-12 week recovery period. We thought it might simplify things and allow us to get updates to you more quickly if we had one place to post updates. Nicole will actually be having 3 procedures with the potential of a 4th. The first procedure (LaFort) which will realign the top jaw; Secondly a BSSO (Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy), which will realign the lower jaw; the third procedure is a Mid-line split (basically they will break her palate), to widen it and more appropriately allow the jaw to align. Additionally, possibly Genioplasty (enhancement of her chin). As we said earlier, we will do our best to post frequently to keep everyone update to date. Thanks for all the support ... it's appreciated more than you know ... xoxo

Ursula Suzann Antell - To My Princess Daughter URSULA Suzann Antell

I have not seen my daughter in over 10 yrs. I have lost count of how many years it’s been. I love her more than life itself. She chooses not to have any sort of contact. My heart is broken and filled with an abundance of pain and sorrow.