Some recent sites
Randi - Randi's Journey

This is to keep you up-to-date (as much as possible) of what's going on with Randi

Matthew Hall - Matt's Updates

Just a place for updates as Matt flights Cancer. Seemed easier then email

Fr Edward Prus - Our Shepherd

Update on Fr Prus - Mind, Body & Soul

Laima Danilovs - The bad ass healing circle of Laima Danilovs

This site is to help all of those who want to support and help Laima as she goes through this voyage with her cancer treatment and healing.

Jim Dougan - Stronger Together

Please leave your words of support for Jim. We would love to hear stories of Jim's antics and adventures--the the times he made you laugh, drove you crazy, helped you out, and any other memories you have shared that you want to remember in writing forever. What inspires you most about him? This is our chance to show Jim how much we love him and how grateful we are to have him in our lives. This special human needs our love and strength.

Wes Pruitt - Wes' Cancer Journey

Follow us here to stay up to date on Wes' prognosis, journey, and healing.

Luann Callahan - Lu Smashes Leukemia

Luann was diagnosed with Leukemia on October 22, 2019. This site is used to keep everyone up to date on her treatment and healing journey.

Eric L. VanDussen - Eric VanDussen's journey through duodenal cancer

Eric was diagnosed with duodenal cancer, an adenalcarcinoma, on Thursday, 10/17/19 after a summer of feeling unwell & week's prior, being diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer. Eric had a Whipple procedure done on 10/17/19 at Spectrum Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, where he remains currently (10/30/19).

Alex Watts - Alex's Health Adventures

Updating you on the health adventures of Alex Watts, as he journeys through the uncharted waters of bowel cancer and chemotherapy.

Liebe - Stinson Beach Power Outage

A quick way to communicate with folks all over the country what is happening here at the beach.

daughter - Getting better

sharing news

(Nancy) Danielle & Kelly Hannon - Hannon Kidney Transplant

We are using PostHope to help keep family and friends updated in one place. The kidney transplant is scheduled for the morning of October 29th. We appreciate your support, words of hope and encouragement. If you would like to subscribe to updates via email, feel free! Otherwise, thank you for visiting!

Sam Coffaro - Follow Me in Prayers for Sam

Collective prayer support for Sam on his journey through the Army Ranger school.

Bob Bauer - Bob's Battle

This website will serve to update family and friends on the latest news regarding Bob's battle with cancer. We thank you for your love, support, and prayers!

Nancy Marr - Team Nancy

A site for caregivers and family to communicate about Nancy's care.

Russell Riviere - All Things Considered

Russell was diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer on October 7, 2019. We want to keep our family and friends updated on his progress beating this disease.

Rudy Perez - Rudy's Updates

Rudy’s recent diagnosis of liver cancer was a shock to us all. Please use this website to stay up-to-date on his care plan and leave your well wishes.

Norma Zahn - Team Norma

In August 2019, Norma was diagnosed with breast cancer. This site is set up to streamline communication about her journey and specific needs.

Kate Kendra - Goodbye Hugo

My little corner of the web to update friends and family on the departure of Hugo, my uterine fibroid (tumor). Surgical date is Monday, October 21, 2019 at 7:30 AM.

Cindy Wiley - Anchored in Love's Hope

scripture blessings, words of hope, thankful thoughts, prayer requests and updates for my journeying partners

Jonny B Evans - Milkshakes

Road to recovery from a stroke on October 1, 2019

John (Lopey) Lopez - Getting over an Ailing Heart

Early on October 1, 2019, Lopey had open-heart surgery with 3 bypasses & a valve replacement. Check here for updates on his adventure & send well wishes for him to read.

Peter Fortenbaugh - Peter's health journey

Updates on Peter's health condition and treatment

Amanda Glass - Amanda's Updates

A place to show support and receive updates on the status of Amanda's brain tumor treatment.

Mandy Johnson - Mandy's Fight Against Breast Cancer

Mandy is a local entrepreneur and award-winning hot air balloonist who is currently battling breast cancer. This page was formed by her family members, who want to help, and hope that others will join us in supporting her during this tough time. 

Patty Ross - Patty's Cancer Updates

Diagnosed with breast cancer on Sept 13, 2016. For those of you who know the lingo, it is triple negative, stage 2b. I will be starting chemotherapy exactly 30 days after diagnosis on October 13, 2016. Unfortunately, as of August, 2019, the cancer has returned. But I'm fighting like Hell!

Chris Lee Clutter - Team Light Brigade, Braving ALS

This is to update family and friends near and far on Chris’s journey with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Brin Widen - Baby Brin

Updates on our little peanut during her stay in the NICU

Stella Lorrain - Support Stella!

Stella recently fell on 9/20 and fractured her femur head, she had successful surgery the next day adding a rod and pins. She is now undergoing inpatient rehab to regain full mobility and return home, our new Bionic Stella! Stella est récemment tombée le 9/20 et s'est fracturée la tête du fémur. Elle a été opérée avec succès le lendemain en ajoutant une tige et des épingles. Elle est actuellement en rééducation pour retrouver sa pleine mobilité et rentrer chez elle, notre nouvelle Bionic Stella!

Christine - Christine Kicks Cancer

in September 2019 I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. I hope to share the tedious medical information and the emotional journey as well. Thank you for your support!

Shauna Nguyen - UpToDate of Shauna

I am beyond blessed to have such a great tribe. All of you are the action potentials that keep me firing. I made this site to help keep everyone up to date. It’s hard for me to be in constant communication due to my work, treatment and nap schedule😴

Elise Gilmore - Staying Me

In February of 2019 I joined the over 1 million people in the US to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This is my story from diagnosis to now, learning to live this uncertain disease while being a mom, wife, employee, friend, and all while trying to stay ME.

Tess Therrien - Tess's PSC Journey!

Hey guys!! This page is for my family and friends to keep up with my health throughout the process of getting a liver transplant. You can follow this page for updates and get notified once I post anything. As some of you probably know, I was diagnosed with PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis), an auto-immune condition that affects the bile ducts, in 7th grade. Since then my health has been decreasing as PSC is a progressive disease with no cure; the "cure" is a transplant. Hopefully, I will receive a transplant sometime this year so I can start living my life the way I want to again!!

Marie Mullarkey - Black Clouds and Silver Linings

We have created this site to keep friends and family updated about Marie. Visit here to read the latest journal entries, visit the photo gallery, or to send us a note or message. It is our hope that we can use this website as an easy way to communicate Marie's progress with you but also to use it as a stress relief. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Kerrie Harthan - Together we are strong.

Kerrie's cancer journey

Sarah May - The IV Chronicles

Sarah and Bob go to Florida on a journey for healing.

AGB - Hope and Patience

An opportunity to communicate to our community.

Matt - Pray for Matt

This is a website to update friends on Matt’s health as he deals with a brain bleed and other health complications.

Susan Carmella Noon - Hospice Care

End stage COPD with no history of smoking.

Joseph Garnick - Joe Garnick updates

This site is for medical, and other, updates and support for Joe Garnick.

TIFFANY EARLE - Beauty for Ashes (My Cancer Journey)

This site is dedicated to encouraging, uplifting, and strengthening women battling breast cancer and their loved ones through my personal story.

Chaya Pitcher - Chaya's Updates

Chaya's Updates: we just wanted a central location to let make everyone aware of her updates and progress as we figure out what is happening with her abdominal pains. Due to the time it takes to keep everyone up to date, we thought we would try using this page to help everyone see what the updates are! Thanks for your prayers, love, and care during this time.

Ellen Kramer - Ellen's Health Updates

This site is the quickest and easiest way to stay in the loop about Ellen's most recent health updates and to get in touch with Ellen and Brendan with questions or to let them know you're thinking of them! Thank you for your love and support!

Jessica Wadkins Maxwell - TEAM MAXWELL!

Supporting Jessica, Aaron, and the kids while Jessica battles breast cancer.

Alexis Martin - Alexis Breast Cancer Journey

Hello everyone! I created this site to give current information about my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a great person told me, "this diagnosis does not define who you are and who you will be in the future." I am brave. I am strong. I will fight, like a girl! 💪🏼🙏🏼❤️

Gabriel - Gabriel’s Heart Heroes

Updates on 2019 Heart Surgery and Healing

Mary Kay Hart - Kicking Cancer’s Ass, continued! Please read this first!!

**Site moved here from Caring Bridge Hello and welcome to my Posthope site! If you are following over from Caring Bridge, thank you! If you are new to this page, feel free to catch up on my complete journey as it started earlier in the year on Caring Bridge link above. For those of you who are new here, a ‘short’ history. I had abdominal pains occasionally back in November 2018. Nothing that caused me much worry as I was peri-menopause and lifting heavy weights. Cramps or ab strain right? Fast forward to my yearly physical in March 2019. Mentioned pain to doctor, she did pap and bloodwork and referred me to have ultrasounds. Small uterine fibroid so she sent me to OB/GYN. June 12: OB/GYN appointment. Doctor says the lining of my uterus isn’t clear and wants to do biopsy. July 1: Uterine biopsy done. July 12th: received life changing phone call that it was cancerous and I would need a full hysterectomy and possibly chemo/radiation. July 15th: met oncologist and scheduled hysterectomy for July 24th. Grade 3 cancer. July 24th: Full hysterectomy. Diagnosis Stage 4 endometrial cancer which had spread outside lymph nodes July 31: chemo port placed. August 2: first chemo treatment (5 more scheduled every three weeks with CT scan after first three treatments to see what is happening). The first round of chemo on top of surgery recovery was tough but I am slowly healing and people have been amazing at help and lots of love. The worst part of all of this is the ‘not knowing’. Not knowing what caused this. Not knowing what is going to happen next. Not knowing when I will be able to work again, even for short days. Not knowing how I am going to feel after chemo (hoping I find some consistency as treatments progress). Not knowing how the bills are going to get paid while I am not working or working less then full time. Not knowing what the next CT scan will show. Not knowing...everything! It is a big job not letting my mind run wild and just trusting that everything will work it’s way out. Ok, so is that a long enough ‘short’ history? 😂 I am a ‘long’ writer so you have been warned. Thank you for being here and being on this journey with us (Jody and I). I read every comment and they all mean so much to me. We feel the 💗 !

Ronnie - In the Know, as we go

Your place to stay up to date on Ronnie's progress.

Alex Blanca - The Blanca Family Updates

Alex's health and a schedule for visitors.

Al Lamoureux - Al's Latest news

News regarding Al's health progress