Some recent sites
The Fox Family - Living Forward

Primarily journaling the medical adventures of Neal (stage IV colon cancer), with occasional updates on Benjamin, Jeremy and Matthew (CVID) intermixed. Despite several diagnoses that might each alone crush a family, we are living forward, simply because there's nowhere else to go.

Gary Vecere - Seeking help for a hearing aid.

Hi. With partial hearing loss in one ear & constant ringing in that ear I'm seeking help buying a hearing aid that also masks the tinnitus tone. They're expensive, $1150 for a Signia 3px hearing aid. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Breon Butler - We Love Breon

A place to send messages of support and receive updates

Sam - Sam Grice

Sam GRice Network

Paul Cover - Paul KCA!

This site will keep family and friends up to date on The Covers' battle with Paul's cancer as well as providing a centrally located place for Paul and Lisa and their family and friends to post words of encouragement, share stories, prayers and photos that are suitable for on-line posting.

Sheila Mondshein - Sheila's Site

To Our Dear Friends, You can visit Sheila‘s site to see (periodic) updates and to share messages of encouragement.

Helen Collison - Here We Go Again

To keep friend and family informed as I deal with brain mets

Brett Davis - Brett Davis

We will use this site to keep track of Brett's journey with ALS. We will use this site to update family and friends and let them know where and how he is doing.

Betty Gwaltney - Betty Gwaltney Updates

Details about Betty’s doctor visits

South Bellmore Veterinary Group - South Bellmore Veterinary Group

At the South Bellmore Veterinary Group, our veterinary staff is committed to providing you with the finest pet care.

Parker Grayson King - Parker Grayson King

Parker's Blog, updated for you by Mommy & Daddy

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Pete Haines - Updates on Pete

On 1/28, Pete experienced an aortic dissection, and was fortunate to get to the hospital in time to receive life saving surgery. Please follow this page to receive updates on how he's doing, so that he can focus on healing and his family can focus on his care.

Dawn Capitain - Dawn vs. Cancer #FIGHTHARDER

On January 17, 2018, Dawn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Further testing showed that the cancer had metastasized to her liver. Our purpose for starting this page is to better enable Dawn and I to keep our families' and loved ones informed on Dawn's progress through this difficult journey as well as allow you to send her words of encouragement. Dawn has adopted "fight harder" as her mantra as she gets ready to do battle. This (fight harder) was something her brother-in-law, Matthew, told her when we explained to him what Dawn is dealing with. Dawn is a fighter and is determined to beat cancer. This is her journey. #FIGHTHARDER

Jason and Emily Murdock - Bringing Home Baby Murdock

Help us bring home our missing puzzle piece.

Dave Morris - Dave Morris's Update

Dave Morris's Medical Update

Dennis Brinkman - Dennis Brinkman

Updates on surgery and recovery

Kevin McCall - Kevin McCall

This site is to keep friends and family up to date with my progress in beating this disease.

Alexis Witek Kab - ACC WARRIOR

Show support for Alexis and the Kab family as she battles one in a million Adrenal Cancer.

Joel Mandel - Joel's Newest Hip

Joel's 2009 Hip Re-Surfacing hardware is loosening so he will get a Total Hip Replacement on January 23 2018.

Chris Martin - Kidney Transplant needed - one will do :)

At the age of 45, Chris went into a diabetic coma which led to other medical discoveries. We found out that he had type 2 diabetes and a blood virus. This led to chemotherapy treatments which, unfortunately, caused medical side effects. In 2016, his nephrologist told him he had about 2 years to live.He has stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. Time is of the essence, so please contact us if you would consider helping. The medical expenses are covered. An organ donation is a beautiful way to give a priceless gift to someone seriously ill. Give life!


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Follow the epic battle of Darrell’s fight with Brain Cancer. I hope to share my journey, with my Best wit and sarcasm. I want no special favors on family games as I still expect to win Tenzi, Risk, Phase 10, etc. As, Walk the Moon sings...i’ll be taking this one step at a time I got your back if you got mine. One foot in front of the foot in front of the other.

Gayle - Updates on Gayle

A method of updating the many people who care about Gayle

John Tabb - My Faithful Journey

Updates for my family and friends during my battle with cancer

Brody Swan - Hope For Brody

This site was created to help our friends and family stay up on everything happening with Brody and his treatments for Leukemia It also documents our journey. Please share this site, comment, and post. we will be checking in daily and Brody will love to read all the kind words!

Lotta Andersson - Lotta Andersson

A site for information about Lotta's struggle with cancer.

Ava Jean Finelli - Ava Jean Jelly Bean

The purpose of this site is to provide regular updates on Ava's fight against SMA.

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Olivia Lippolis - Livi's League

My sister's battle is my battle. Olivia's fight against B Cell Lymphoma with the support and love of her family and friends.

Tim Lauersdorf - Tim - GTFO

Keeping everyone up-to-date with Tim's recurrence of Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Jan Fowler Antonaros - Jan Fowler Antonaros #BestillBewell

Thank you for supporting us as I battle triple negative breast cancer. I am 36-yr old happy wife, mother to a handsome one-yr old son, fun friend and lobbyist ready to fight cancer with all my God given talents, Family and Friends! 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Sister Celine Steinberger - Praying for Sister Celine

Sister Celine was hospitalized suddenly on Friday, December 15. This page is intended to keep all who care about her informed.

Oliver Whitehead - Oliver Whitehead

Blog and Reviews

Colleen Taylor - We Love Colleen

Updates for family and friends about how Colleen is doing

James Melton - Updates and Progress of James Melton

On December 12, 2017 James had a minor stroke and was transferred to St. David's in Austin. The next morning James had a massive stroke that affected the left side of his brain. This left him paralyzed on the right side and affected his ability to speak. On Thursday December 14th his brain began to swell and they performed an emergency craniectomy that put him on a ventilator. Although he has made positive progress so far he still has a long way to go. He is fighting hard and is ready to be home. Any donation would be much appreciated as James will be in the hospital for an extended period of time . We are hoping to move out of ICU into a regular room soon and then onto rehab. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. --Jeanne, Kaylee, Chris, CJ, Sandra, Christopher and Kelly

Amy Nugent - Cell-a-bration

Sharing my stem cell transplant journey with family and friends

Kate Loop - Kate's Surgery Updates

I am starting this site to more easily keep everyone informed, and to chronicle God's faithfulness.

Marie - Marie

Marie Updates

Sally Kinkade - Keeping Up With Sally

Just try and keep up with me! I am surviving breast cancer and thriving. As you know I like to share and journal, so feel free to comment, share your own experiences, and support me on my journey.

Brandon Daniel - Brandon Daniel

Blog and Reviews

Barbara Connell - Barbara L. Connell-Road to Restoration

Barbara's day to day road back to a full recovery

Bill B. Eidem - Bill's Liver Transplant Support

Bill Eidem has had a year of dwindling health due to Liver Failure. He has lost over 100 pounds and spent over 30 days in the hospital in 2017. Bill wants to live.

The Chioccariello Family - Love and Support for The Chioccariello Family

Support Karen & Frank as they help Frankie battle Leukemia

Sam Bauman - Remembering Sam Bauman

In this sacred space, kindly share your thoughts, stories and reflections to help us honor and remember our beloved Sam and to bring some comfort to his beautiful family as well as to each other.

On Track with Multiple Myeloma - Linton ... and Multiple Myeloma

Follow Linton's odyssey of living with multiple myeloma

Carlos Ortiz - A day at a time

My journey

Glenda Dinyari - Transformation through lymphoma

A place for information, sharing, and support from Glenda and John to all of you.

Orlando Zuehlke - Orlando Zuehlke

Blogs and Reviews