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Joshua Akins - Joshua's Journey

This page will keep family and friends updated on Joshua's battle with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and its complications.

Emily Weber - Emily

Emily's Health Updates

Jerry Craft - Support for Jerry's Journey

After being diagnosed with liver cancer in 2015 then receiving a liver transplant in 2017, Jerry has now been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. The journey in between and throughout all of this has been long and rough, though we're staying positive.

Kimberly Korn - Team Kim

Kim was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer, please check back here for updates and to follow her along the way.

Marian Cortesi - Marian's Journey

Updates for my family and friends

Kimberly Schultz - Schultz Strong!

This site is designed to communicate Kim’s triumph over breast cancer.

Kaylin Lee - Kaylin

Kaylin's Story

David Russell - Updates on David

David's Recovery Journey following May 5, 2018 accident. His injuries are no longer life threatening but definitely life adjusting.

Christina Marcantonio - Lymphoma wont stop me

My journey to beat down Lympoma

Remy Koks - Prayers for Strength and Healing for Remy

This site was developed to help keep our family and friends up to date on Remy's journey

Jim Goodrich - Sister Beth

Th follow the health crisis of my brother

Terri Brown - In it for the Lung Haul

Terri Brown's Journey with Lung Cancer

Toni Smith - Toni's Journey

Updates and Donations for Toni's Journey with AML Cancer Treatments - This site is for information pertaining to treatment, caregiver calendar, needs, successes, and other updates! Please, feel free to check regularly for updates and other requests, or to leave an encouraging message!

Jenny Grosen - I have whaaat???

This page is purely to decrease how much time we are spending trying to keep people updated and to streamline information. This crazy life has another curve ball for me and we will get through it and come out better for it.

Tom Mons - Toms health journey

To help keep friends and family up to date in the easiest way

Leah Robertson - God's got this!

Cancer is just cancer, but God, well, He is EVERYTHING!

Ken Igl - Ken's stem cell transplant

This site is to update family and friends on Ken's journey through the transplant process.

Mark London - A place of hope for Mark London

Mark has been the solid anchor of our family. His curiosity for life, and everyone around him has inspired us daily. He is the best father and husband and grandfather anyone could ask for. We have been so blessed. In the past couple weeks, Mark has become very sick with acute leukemia. Dad says "he has crummy blood and his long term prospects are the pits." We wanted to share this news with our friends and family. Please use this space to share your memories, thoughts and love with Mark.

Capistrant Adoption - The Capistrants are adopting from India!

Adoption updates, events, and donations

Tom McCarthy - Updates on Dad

Thank you for following along.

Kathy Phan - Kathy Phan

Providing support to Kathy and family

Hannah J D. - Hannah’s Journey

On Friday, April 6, Julie began experiencing cramping and bleeding. At the expertise of her OBGYN, Julie rushed over with Sarah (her first daughter) to the hospital. The staff couldn't locate the baby's heartbeat and also noticed how distended and hard Julie's belly had become. The doctors discovered her placenta detached due to some health reasons. In just seconds, they whisked Sarah away and decided to do an emergency c-section to try and save both baby and Julie. They had the baby out within 1 minute. Hannah Ji-Hyun was born at 1:21pm on April 6, weighing 1375 grams (about 3 lbs 0.5 ounces). She is currently in the ISCU at the hospital. Each day brings different challenges for Hannah, but she is doing better each day. The nurses have been taking great care of Hannah. In light of her sudden birth, hospital expenses are adding up daily. Many have asked how they can help and we (Julie's sister and family) created a campaign. Our goal is to help offset some of the hospital expenses from Julie's 2 surgeries and Hannah's extended stay in the ISCU. To receive the maximum amount of your donation, please consider sending money via chase pay or zelle. Please send us a message and we can send you the email address to use. Your prayers, love, and gifts are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Ollie Archambault - Love for Ollie

Ollie was diagnosed in April of 2018 with Peritoneal Cancer. LOVE for OLLIE will serve as a distribution center for information pertaining to treatment, needs, successes, and other updates! Please, feel free to check regularly for updates and other requests, or to leave an encouraging message!

Octavia Hunter - Octavia

A place and community of support and friendship

Gavin Glueck - Gavin Glueck Help Me Fight

A place to love and support Gavin while he fights cancer!

Susie Caisley - Susie's Care Page

This news may come a shock but after her annual mammogram in February, Susie was dianosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. All updates and meal calendars will posted here.

Gail Werblin - Healing Gail Werblin

Testing 123

Brian - Brian's Page of Hope

Sending Brian Love, Hope, and Healing during this time.

CB Carter - Checking on CB

Keeping our friends and family informed and update to date!

Scott MacDonald - Scott’s Huddle

Scott is battling a rare form of cancer called Sarcoma. This site serves as a place to inform, share, collaborate and offer ways to support.

Royal Adventure Tours - The Elephant Safari in Jaipur Rajasthan

The Elephant Safari in Jaipur is one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Jaipur offering both kids as well as adults a thrilling travel experience

Ben & the Anderson Family - Love & Strength for the Anderson Family

Matt and Katie's mighty 8-year-old Ben was diagnosed with a rare terminal genetic brain disease called X-link Cerebral ALD on March 16, 2018. Your loving support and healing prayers for strength and divine grace are powerful medicine for Ben and his family. His parents Matt and Katie, and his older brother Luke need as much love, support and prayers as the world can contain. Join us, their community of friends and family, and let's meet every need we can while they spend each precious moment with their sweet boy.

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Jimmy Kaphingst - The Perfect Match

Jimmy's journey - Living with IGA Nephropathy

Amy East- Glenn - Amy EG Updates

Joe and I will provide post surgery updates

Jill Sievers - Faith in His Grace

Communication site of breast cancer struggle

Lynn Cozza Goodman - Lynn's news and updates

Virtual gathering place for friends and family to keep up with Lynn's recovery.

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Samuel Wenger - Journey of Hope to Health

Information and heath updates for friends and family of Samuel & Karen Wenger on their journey from myelofibrosis to health.

usetest24 - usetest24


Elizabeth C. Levi - Inflatable Kayak

Having an unexpected adventure that is very much like being on an inflatable kayak in Hell Gate's rip tides on NYC's East River...navigating with a bit of bravado, a lot of hope, and a team for whom I am deeply grateful.

Dimitri Peppas - Dimitri's surgery

Sharing information about Dimitri's surgery and recovery with family and friends.

Megan Mok - Megan Leukemia Journey

Megan's Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) treatment journey

Mike Thyken - Health Issues

Communicate with my friends and family about my travels and journey

Sue Jabin - Sue's Journey

Updates on Sue's condition and needs

The Fox Family - Living Forward

Primarily journaling the medical adventures of Neal (stage IV colon cancer), with occasional updates on Benjamin, Jeremy and Matthew (CVID) intermixed. Despite several diagnoses that might each alone crush a family, we are living forward, simply because there's nowhere else to go.

Gary Vecere - Seeking help for a hearing aid.

Hi. With partial hearing loss in one ear & constant ringing in that ear I'm seeking help buying a hearing aid that also masks the tinnitus tone. They're expensive, $1150 for a Signia 3px hearing aid. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Breon Butler - We Love Breon

A place to send messages of support and receive updates

Sam - Sam Grice

Sam GRice Network

charliekamy - EASTMAN GLOBAL

Eastman Industries Limited is a dominant manufacturer,exporter & supplier of a variety of bicycles,accessories,suitable to both conventional & contemporary bicycles, established in 1982.