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Posted 2017-05-22T23:51:00Z

No more chemo!!!!!

Today marks the completion of 16 rounds of chemotherapy......hooray!!!!  I will start 6 weeks of daily (Mon-Fri) radiation in mid June, so for now I have a little vacation from treatment:)   As you can see in the pic above, I have ditched the winter hats and gone blonde and STRAIGHT (my dream come true)!  

I have been feeling pretty good most days....just very fatigued by Thursday/Friday these past few weeks.  My finger/toenails look like something out of a horror movie, and are very numb and tingly, but I'll take that in place of the nausea earlier on. Three weeks ago, with only three more rounds of chemo left to go, they discovered that my port was cracked and had to be removed.  These last three treatments gave the oncology nurses an absolute FIT as they tried and tried different veins in my right arm to start an IV for treatment. (They can only use my right arm because I had lymph nodes removed on my left side, and therefore cannot ever have blood pressure taken or an IV/blood drawn in my left arm again).  So during their first IV attempt, I suddenly passed out in the chair and as they quickly tried to put the footrest up and lay me back (while screaming my name), the footrest knocked over their supply cart and vials, syringes, and bandages went everywhere.  When I came to, I neither remembered nor had heard anything.  And of course, the room was FULL to capacity that day with they got a little up close & free entertainment.  One thing for certain, I am sure those nurses were as thrilled to see me for the last time today as I was them:)

One more little bump in the road along the journey.....Sadly, I was informed two weeks ago as I was waiting in the room to meet with my oncologist, that he was forced to leave the OHC practice and was gone effective immediately due to scheduling conflicts.  Dr. Crane was wonderful and we will miss him.

After I finish radiation, I will receive monthly shots for one year and five years of a daily drug to help prevent the cancer from coming back.  My final reconstruction surgery will be in November or December depending on how quickly my skin heals from the radiation.  

It seems like such a LONG journey still ahead, but hopefully the hardest part is behind me as of TODAY!  Brian took the kids and I out for dinner tonight to celebrate (my Italian margarita was of course the very best part).  Thank you for all the continued prayers & amazing has made all the difference in the world!   Until next time........please keep those prayers coming!

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Comments (5)

  • Jayne

    So glad you'll have a few "no treatment" weeks to recharge! You have been such a tropper through this journey...key word, through. You will come out the other end of this ordeal! Prayers will continue to be lifted for complete healing, peace and comfort. ❤

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Nancy

    You have been such a wonderful gal through out this ordeal. So nice to see your update in your own words. May God Bless You my dear! Best wishes as you continue your journey... Love from, Nancy and Bob

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Christy Faber
    Christy Faber

    Sorry you had to go through all that. Hope you and the family are doing well. Love the hair, you look great.

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Sue Tiernan
    Sue Tiernan

    Laura, What an inspiration you are! So beautiful inside & out. (LOVE your new look!! So young & refreshing) Happy the chemo sessions are over for you. (They probably miss all the entertainment:-)) Hope radiation is easier for you. Glad you get a vacation now. Hope it is filled with sunshine & flowers! I'm sure you will treasure every moment with family & friends. You definitely have many close loving friends. We all love you & your family. My family are all praying & keeping up with your journey. Praying it will be over as soon as possible. Our thoughts & prayers are with you always. Uncle Tom, Aunt Sue & Famiy

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Betty Sutton
    Betty Sutton

    Praise to God that you have made it through chemo and are still going strong. We think of you often and keep you in our prayers. Hoping that radiation is much easier and the time goes quickly for you. Your blonde, straight hair looks great!! Enjoy your vacation and your family. Love to you, Brian and the kids...........

    3 years ago · Reply