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Posted 2015-08-30T15:09:00Z

Surgery and The Days After

On Thursday we waited several hours after a very successful surgery to see our Gabe.  Once we saw him, we were so relieved.  He was awake, fully medicated, and donning lots of tubes.  He said the last thing he remembers before surgery is being rolled into a bright, white room and saying, "So this is where the magic happens."

It is hard for me to believe we are finally on the other side of surgery.  Everything is surreal.  My emotions have been berserk the past few days but I am so joyful deep down.  I have never been so relieved in my life than when we sat in the a little room and heard the best news from our doctor.  Gabe's surgery went very well.  The surgeon was able to do everything he hoped and is very pleased with the outcome.  I have believed for awhile that this would be the case.  In my heart I was 99% sure that surgery would be great and we would see him after.  But I have had moments where that 1%, that fear, takes over and I practice the deep breathing exercises I learned in prenatal yoga.  I don't want to give this 1% a foothold and let it dictate this time.  I would rather focus on recovery and the fact that Gabe is so strong and we can all do this.

Now we begin a new journey post surgery.  Thanks for sticking with us.  Today is day four for of his hospital stay.  The first couple days were rough, especially Friday.  He was in the most pain, a 10 for him, and it took hours for more pain meds to kick in.  He also did PT for the time Friday.  A day after surgery!  I continue to be amazed by the human body.  He was walking less than 24 hours after having his colon re-sectioned.  What?!


He has a pesky NG tube that he is ready to get out.  Our doctor said it will probably come out on Monday.  This tube goes from his stomach to and through his nose so it is uncomfortable.  Gabe's pain level is at a 2 now and has been since Friday at midnight-ish.  His heart rate was up a lot on Friday because of the pain but it is back down.  So this is great.  He is very sore but not in too much pain which I am very thankful for.  He never complains.  Now we are waiting for him to come off his epidural and go to pills for pain.  And once is gets the NG tube out he can start drinking clear liquids.  Aw yeah.


He has been resting and sleeping as much as he can over the past few days and will continue to do so.  When he musters energy, he raises and lowers his bed, eats ice chips and hard candy, watches baseballs, and returns texts.  He knows that you are thinking of him and says "hello!" 



Our doctor took a few extra lymph nodes during surgery and they are being tested for cancer cells.  We get those results tomorrow.


Stamina and rest for him, me, our families. 

Perseverance for Gabe. It is difficult for him to be away for Caroline.  We have brought her to see him but she is all over the place and it makes me nervous to have her there too long.


Thank you!




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Comments (5)

  • Leah Siemens
    Leah Siemens

    I have been praying for you all so much. Thanks for the update. Sounds good and sounds like there is still much to pray for. I keep meaning to dig up old pics and scan them for you... But I have this little thing called "forgetting things all the time." :-P Time to catch up on some reading? ;-) Hang in there GabeStrong :-)

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Christel Prezalor
    Christel Prezalor

    I'm glad to hear the positive post-surgery report. I will continue to pray for you and Gabe and your whole family. This is a difficult road, but God is walking it with you. So are your friends and family. Love you guys.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Donna donlon
    Donna donlon

    We are praying! GOD ARM IS NOT TOO SHORT! love Jeff and Donna Donlon

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Haley Anne Black
    Haley Anne Black

    We pray for Gabe's recovery every single night. We also pray that he gives you strength to get through this. We love you, Mary!!!!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Tina Isbell
    Tina Isbell

    I will be praying for this journey of your family.

    6 years ago · Reply