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Posted 2016-01-14T14:37:00Z

Time Not Wasted

It is high time for an update, eh?  The whirlwind of the fall swept me up and kept me busy with everything but journaling.  But we are still here!  We continue to journey this post cancer road, together.  

I am very glad that the majority of our cancer battle was last year.  It was a hard year.  Now that 2016 is here, I am ready to start looking forward, anticipating the year ahead and getting back to normal.  I know we will have a new normal, a life with scans and a chapter in our book entitled "The Cancer Months: That Was Tough/What the Heck?/I Never Wanted to Know So Much About Gabe's Colon.

When I think on 2015, at first thought I want to forget about it.  Assume it was a wasted year and move on.  Disease, plans (financial, family, career) put on hold, marriage strained.  Let's move on.  But then I think on the details, the small moments that light shone through and I was truly happy and blessed.  Caroline is a blessing in this.  We saw her grow and learn and become more beautiful in 2015 and we will always treasure that.  We have met some amazing new friends and clients as well.  People we might not have met if this hadn't happened.  By simply living and enduring life, friends came into our lives and made a lasting impression on us.  This year is not a waste.  In fact, I believe these moments and people will become markers that form us and define our life.  

So, what is going on with us?  Here is a health update.  Gabe has almost completed five rounds of chemotherapy.  Each round is three weeks long.  Day one consists of a four hour IV chemo treatment followed by two weeks of taking six chemo pills a day.  Week three is a rest week with no meds.  Then repeat.  We have done this five times and each has gotten harder as the meds wear Gabe down.  It is tough to bounce back from chemo.  Gabe's side effects have been nausea, extreme fatigue (mind and body), and neuropathy.  Neuropathy is makes nerves hyper sensitive to cold things.  So no cold beverages or ice cream for him.  As treatment has gone on, his hands and face even tingle at the 68 degree temperature in our house.   

The fatigue is the worst for him I think.  He is in a constant brain fog as well as feeling like he has an extreme flu 24/7.  As the days go on the cycle, he does get better.  By day five, week three he feels almost normal so we try to go on dates and eat a lot.  :)

He still has his hair.  That is a common question.  He has lost maybe 20%, which is what we were told to expect.

Gabe had a scan before his last chemo treatment last Monday.  All clear, no cancer!  He does have gallstones and has been experiencing pain from those so we will have to figure that out this winter I assume.

Thank you for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers.  His last treatment is slated for January 25th which is Caroline's second birthday!  We are excited for this day!

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