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Tina Isbell Tina Isbell

Gabe, Thank you for sharing what you are going through. I would have been very sad not to have been a part of your healing process. Just last Saturday evening we had prayer and worship at our church. The spirit of God rose up within me and I began to remind the darkness that Light will have VICTORY! I began to cry in a loud voice thanking God for the light and when the darkness grows, the Light gets brighter. What you are going thru is a growing time. REST in the knowledge of God Grace, REST in knowing God's Got This. Rest in his love for you. I can't wait to hear of the MIRACLES that are about to take place. My Little Brother, I have known from a long time ago that God has an AWESOME plan for you. You are a Mighty Warrior!! You are the KING'S Kid!! You are Strong in His power and might. You are HEALED AND WHOLE AND CANCER FREE!! I love you and I will be Thanking God for you complete wholeness.

Sharon Tankersley Sharon Tankersley

The "right words" don't come easily in times like these. But thankfully we have access to the One who knows All and we can go to Him on behalf of you and Mary. Please know that you'll remain in our thoughts and prayers... and we're just an email or call away should any tangible needs for help arise. Believing with you that God can heal, Sharon & Bob Tankersley

Ed Younce Ed Younce

Guys...this journey is rough. Know that James and I are here for anything you need. Love and healing thoughts to you.