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Kicking Melanoma's Butt

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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2018-06-14T21:37:00Z

MRI's & CAT Scans oh my...

Over the last few weeks I have endured my first CT Scan (complete with barium drinks and contrast...yum!).  The CT scan showed melanoma only in my left arm pit but with a few questionable spots on my liver. to the MRI I went.  I had a head MRI in an open problem.  The abdomen however had to be in the small tube.  My small bit of claustrophobia started to creep in.  Thankfully they medicated me and I made it in and out of the tube - no problem!

The results came back today (6/14):  Head MRI = Clear.  Liver spots = Hemangioma - a benign collection of blood cells...NOT melanoma!

This is good news! So on to surgery we go - Monday 6/18/18 is the day.  The doctors will remove all of the lymph nodes on from my left arm pit...called a Complete Lymph Node Dissection (CLND).  After they will test for the BRAF gene mutation to determine if I'm eligible for Targeted therapy or Immunotherapy.  It's also entirely possible that they will get all of the melanoma with the surgery and I will be clear of this disease.

Please keep those prayers and healing thoughts coming...they are working! Thank you!!

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