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Officially Relocated to Houston: Reliving a Family Ritual

At the age of 7, I decided that I wanted to play baseball.

Around that time, I also developed an almost inexplicable love for the Chicago Cubs. Ryne Sandburg, Shawon Dunston, Mark Grace, Andre Dawson, & Greg Maddox -- these were my guys and I loved them.

I watched them play baseball almost every single day in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field thanks to afternoon games beamed across the nation from Chicago on WGN.

I'm not sure which came first, my love for the Cubs or my desire to play baseball.

But I'm sure my parents know the answer. They know everything about my longheld love for the game of baseball. They were my coaches, studying the game by reading and watching everything they could find to help me do the thing I loved.

One of the greatest days of my childhood was the first time the family loaded into the car decked in Cubbie blue and drove 3 hours to the Astro Dome to watch the Cubs in person for the very first time.

It became something of a family tradition to make one drive to Houston each summer to see the Cubs face off against the Astros (and usually lose).

Opening Day 2018 is on March 29, just 2 days after Mom is currently scheduled to undergo her bone marrow stem cell transplant at MD Anderson in downtown Houston (just 12 minutes from Minute Maid Park).

Ever the early arrivers, Mom and Dad loaded up the car and made their way to Houston to be ready to spend the baseball//transplant schedule in Houston.

Hopefully, their residency in Houston will end before the MLB season comes to a close, but it will be close.

I'll post more about the steps of the process in a future journal entry, but for now, we just wanted you to know that Mom will officially be in Houston for the next 4+ months.

She underwent a long series of tests to check on her overall health leading into the transplant conditioning chemotherapy she will be going through these next 2 weeks and the transplant itself.

Mom did develop a fever and have to be admitted to MD Anderson over the weekend (she was planning to be outpatient until the week of the transplant) and it is possible that will affect her transplant schedule.

She is doing well now and the fever is much better, though her blood counts are not ideal for where they would like her to be when the new chemo is scheduled to start.

So while we wait for the doctors to determine the next best steps, we are trusting that everything happens for a reason and that the Cubs will (for the second time) win the World Series.

Oh, and do me a favor. Don't break the news to Mom that since the Astros moved to the American Leauge they don't actually play the Cubbies this year. 



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