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Posted 2018-07-25T05:38:26Z

News So Good It Sounds Like “Home”

Just a couple weeks ago the family got back from visiting Mom in Houston, sharing some nice moments and learning some terrific news.

Per usual, it couldn’t be a totally smooth visit. This time baby Rowan had been sick so we had to have limited time with Mom and no touching... that’s one of the downsides of Mom having the immune system of a 2 month old baby.[...]

Posted 2018-05-18T21:59:00Z

Day 10 Update: Building a Stellar Sticker Collection

Today Mom is feeling great, having come out on top of her first bout with discomfort since the transplant.

On Day 3 (this is how things are talked about in transplant world… with transplant day being "Day Zero"), Mom was having discomfort from sores in her throat combined with nausea. The nausea fell off almost immediately but the sores were more persistent.[...]

Posted 2018-03-25T19:31:00Z

Quick Update: Good News While Waiting a Little Bit Longer (+ an educational moment about the bone marrow transplant process)

Due to an unforeseen infection, we are going to be waiting a bit longer to get the bone marrow stem cell transplant underway.

The doctors want Mom to be off antibiotics and healthy before they start conditioning her body (aka "kicking her booty with chemo") for the transplant, so it looks like it will be a couple weeks before the transplant.[...]