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Barbara Garner Barbara Garner

Praise God and your medical team and your family and last but not least your donor. 😊🙏❤️👍🏻☀️🍁🌈🌸

Diane Dill Diane Dill

This is just the fantastic news we've been waiting for. Yes, we will keep up the prayers.

yvette caouette yvette caouette

May the next 100 years be the BEST!!!

yvette caouette yvette caouette

I don't see how the news could be better! So happy for you sweet Lesa and your precious family. In a relatively few short days, I hope this nightmare is over.
All of you are loved by friends and family. So good to see you with pics of your grandkids! Love to all of you! YC

yvette caouette yvette caouette

Can you say nothing but HAPPY!!!! I am just so proud of you my friend. You have always been so strong. I know you've had tons of support but the Gold Medal goes to you!! Love you bunches. And for you dear Scott, my knight in shining armor.

Olta Potts Olta Potts

Get well soon.Think of you when getting ready to rate another course,Love,Olta

Valerie Walden Valerie Walden

You have been in my prayers and thoughts! I hope that you are having an easy recovery! Big hugs,

yvette caouette yvette caouette

All the love, luck and prayers in the COSMOS!!!! Love, Yvette and Nelson

Kay Atkins Kay Atkins

Ray and I are thinking about you and your family. Say a prayer every night for you.
Certainly looking for the very best results frim all this procedure.

Hang in there. We love you much.

Linda Ewing Linda Ewing

Dearest Lesa,

We want to wish you the absolute very, very best tomorrow as you begin your “Rebirthday” and we want you to know we will have you in our many thoughts and prayers. We know you are a tough lady as you have proven time and time again over the last eight months and most importantly, we know the Lord has you in his hands and is watching over you.

We would like to thank you and your sweet family for providing us with this journal, keeping us updated on your progress, along with your struggles.

We send our deepest love and support to you, our wonderful niece and cousin, and we know you will make it through your transplant with flying colors!

Our love to you,

Aunt Margaret, Larry, Randy, and family, Linda and David

Marian Belson Marian Belson

So glad to hear things are going well! Love ya sweet friend 💕

yvette caouette yvette caouette

All the love in the world! YC

yvette caouette yvette caouette

Hey Precious Pooh! Hope this finds you in good spirits. Think of you daily. Haven't gotten a recent update, but hope all is going according to plan. Love ya bunches, Yvette

Marian Belson Marian Belson

You’ve been on my heart and in my prayers Lesa♥️ Love you sweet friend 😎!

Barbara Garner Barbara Garner

Hi Lesa! Just thinking of you and hoping that your body is cooperating with the meds.
Still praying for you and all your family.