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Let's eat, baby!

Our sweet Annie needs to start eating food and getting more nutrients to grow her brain and body.

Annie baby is 16 months old and still will only take breast milk. We have had months of occupational therapy and she has not be able to tolerate food yet. At her check up on Thursday the pediatrician became concerned because Annie is not growing.  She hasn't gained at weight in four months.  While being petite is not alarming it does become an issue for brain development.  She needs more calories and nutrients in order to continue to thrive.  She is currently hitting the appropriate milestones for her age- but we cannot let this non-eating issue continue and risk lowered brain function.  

Annie will be admitted to Children's Hospital on Monday, July 13 for observation.  A team of doctors are going to evaluate her and make a plan.

The pediatrician did mention that a feeding tube may be our best option; but we are waiting to hear what our team decides.  

Thanks for praying for us!