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Posted 2015-08-14T23:24:16Z


We are so happy to have that ugly NG tube OUT! The surgery went easy peasy-I had a hard time waiting until I could see Annie in recovery. It was about 40 mins total that she was gone from me. She kind of woke up in recovery but it really wasn't until a couple hours later that she seemed awake-and then fell asleep shortly after again. It's super weird because right now her tube is emptying into a diaper-it's not being shut off until after some gunk has drained. Unfortunately her tummy was upset and she yacked for a little bit. It broke my heart! Today she will just have IV fluids and pain relievers. Tomorrow morning hey are planning on starting the pump for feeding her normal formula. If a couple feedings are tolerated if sounds like we will be able to go home tomorrow! But. She's pretty pathetic today 😞 we are so grateful for all the thoughts and prayers. It's so nice to see her little face again! More to come...

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