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Leukemia I hardly knew ya

Providing updates on me and the growth of my beard and immune system. One hair and cell at a time.

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2020-04-22T10:29:33Z

Stay safe everyone

I get out of quarantine and now Coronavirus hits the world and I’m back into quarantine. Who saw this coming in December? Well besides the CDC and every single intelligence agency?

The one thing I learned during my first quarantine is to find a rhythm in the day... get up.. shower.. act normal.. just act normal inside the house. And don’t drive yourself crazy, be cautious about germs... but don’t drive yourself to the brink of suicide thinking about them constantly. 

My blood work is basically normal and my immune system continues to rebuild itself.

I’ve started my consolidation chemo, one week a month, Monday-Friday, 15 minutes a “serving” for about 12-18 months. Just to be clear this was planned from the start of my treatment and is very very minor chemo, I have no effects, it designed to make sure that we have remission for life.

Stay safe everyone! 


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