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Life Interrupted

This is a place to keep everyone easily updated on treatments and my progress.

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Posted 2018-03-23T13:49:12Z

Update - post treatment

I had CT scans earlier this month to follow up post treatment. They came back clean and showed that the tumors are continuing to shrink. The tumors are dead tissue now and my body should continue to dissolve them over time.

I also had my port removed last week. It worked wonderfully during treatment but then decided to be a pain in the ass at my last blood draw. The nurse thought that there was a clot in the port which prevented them from being able to use it for the blood draw. They gave me two options: 1. They could continue to flush it and try to get it to work and I could continue to have issues in the future. 2. Have the port removed. I chose option 2 and I’m happy to have it out.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support and check-ins!!

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