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Life Interrupted

This is a place to keep everyone easily updated on treatments and my progress.

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Infusion 7 - update

September 14th was infusion number 7. It was postponed a week (should have been September 7th). The bleomycin (1 of the 4 chemo drugs) was causing some damage to my lungs. The cough that I had developed at the end of August was a result of the bleo and it was getting worse to the point that it was hard to breath.

On Labor Day is when the breathing Got to the point that I could not take a full breath and I was constantly out of breath just doing simple things. I had another CT scan September 6th to rule out and blood clots in my lungs and to determine if it was in fact the bleo that was causing the problems. The CT came back clear but showed some hazing on my lungs which meant that there was damage to some of the tissue.

I saw Dr. Haider of the 7th of September and he said no treatment that day. He scheduled me to see a pulmonary specialist the next day to make sure there wasn’t any infection in my lungs. The pulmonologist ordered a bronchoscopy on Saturday the 9th. Essentially they numbed my mouth and airway and gave me drugs to make me sleep (which didn’t work too well, I remember the whole thing). They then put a scope in my lungs and flushed fluid into each lung to wash them out and also send out samples to make sure no kind of infections were present. 

Everything came back fine with the tests and it was then ruled that it was in fact the bleo causing all the issues. They stopped the bleo completely and my breathing is back to normal. I am now on a high dose steroid to help the lung tissue heal and hope to be able to get off of that later this week. Infusion 8 is this week Thursday (Sept. 28th). 

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