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Life Interrupted

This is a place to keep everyone easily updated on treatments and my progress.

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Results are in

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Thank you for all of your support over the last 6+ months, it meant the world. 

I met with my oncologist on December 13th and got the results of my last PET scan. The scan came back clean. There are a few lymph nodes that are enlarged and can be seen, but the doctor said it is the dead tumors and will eventually dissolve. I have a benign cyst on my liver, but they’re not concerned with it, they will just keep an eye on it.

The trial that I am on is to study the side effects of treatment on my heart and to see if a drug will help prevent damage. Part of the trial is to have blood work done. The last round of labs showed an elevated level of troponin; a protein that is normally elevated when people have a heart attack or damage to the heart muscles. I had a cardiac MRI as well as an echocardiogram. The cardiologist is not too concerned with the troponin levels, but they are doing all of the tests because of the trial and wanting to track the side effects from treatment. I should be getting the results this week. If there is damage, it is minimal and should heal on its own over time. My team of doctors plan on keeping a close eye on my heart.

I have a couple more follow up appointments over the coming months as well as another PET scan in 3 months.

Thank you again for the continued support, cards, prayers, and check-ins! Happy New Years to all and wish you all the best!! ❤️Lou

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