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Linda Kasher - Journal

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Posted 2019-01-05T14:21:43Z

Another Day

Mom is having another good morning in her new room.  She did say "This is definitely not ICU.  You have to change your own robe, arrange your own sheets..."  She says she slept well although she had to get up "17 times" to go to the bathroom.[...]

Posted 2019-01-04T21:37:14Z

Out of ICU

Great news!  Mom left the ICU this afternoon.  She's doing very well although we can't remember the unlock code for her iPad.

They are talking about switching her blood thinning medication to Cumadin (sp?) that will be easier for them to work with.  She also still has a lot of work to do with physical therapy to get back to golfing and HGTV binges.[...]

Posted 2019-01-02T14:06:00Z

New Day

We arrived and Mom had a bit of a rough night. She didn’t sleep well because people wake her up giving treatment and checking on her. She’s doing well otherwise though. Hoping she can get a bit of sleep today. [...]

Posted 2019-01-01T14:14:00Z

Mom is Back

We are here with Mom. She is officially Linda again telling stories and dripping with sarcasm. She didn’t sleep great last night and is complaining about the nurses waking her up every two hours. But she’s in good spirits and chatty. We’re having fun![...]