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Pat Huenke Pat Huenke

Praying for you dear Lisa! Love and Blessings! Pat Huenke

Nancy Bouzouai Nancy Bouzouai

I can honestly say that you are in my thoughts and prayers and your wonderful mom. Even with the miles and time between our families Beth and I love you and yours very much. These past few weeks I have thought of you and your family as a few members in my family have had to face the possibilty of cancer as well. Thanks to an Awesome God one was cleared for now but we await the results for another. Your families example has given me strength. Thank you for making your story so public.
Love you Lisa

Nancy Bouzouai Nancy Bouzouai

You simply amaze me.
You all look so cute with no hair. These pictures show the love in your family. You are truly blessed, not many people would understand this given the fight you are in the midst of.
Love you Lisa

Debi Phillips-Mikesh Debi Phillips-Mikesh

Dear Lisa ~

I am so happy to hear that you are doing well. We are covering you in prayer, believing with you and your family for God's hand to be upon you each step of the way. I wish we lived closer so that we could help, but please know that we are thinking of you daily and praying. Thankful for a God that loves us and promises to carry us through even the hardest of times. Thank you Andrew for taking such great care of this amazing lady.

Lots of love to all of you !

Debi, Shane, Hannah and Austin

Nancy Bouzouai Nancy Bouzouai

I am so happy you are doing well!!!
Andrew is well and that is awesome!!!
I keep thinking what happen to that young teenager I knew. It is do hard for me to believe you are a Mommy. I am sure you know this, but as moms we draw so much strength and willpower from our children. A hug or a kids from them can do so much for you. I wish you many, many hugs and kisses from them.
Much love to all of you.

Shawnna Patterson Shawnna Patterson

Hi, sweetie. Just thinking of you and wanting you to know that we are praying for you as you go through this battle--that you will win! You are a special lady, but I keep thinking of you at the age of 17 when we took you to Romania with us. You were such a blessing!!!

Nancy Bouzouai Nancy Bouzouai

After reading your entire story, all I can think is GOD IS SO AWESOME!
As I said earlier, KICK SOME CANCER BUTT!
loving, praying and supporting you and your family from the big IL.

Yohana Hynum Yohana Hynum

Sweet Lisa, David and I are praying for you. Thank you for sharing this journey with others so we know better how to pray for you.

Heather Teague Heather Teague

Sending you love and prayers Lisa! You are in my thoughts constantly!!

Nancy Bouzouai Nancy Bouzouai

Love you Lisa
You are a trooper and you already have this beat. You have prayers coming from all over this great country. You have been such a blessing to my Bit, lol, how could I not love you and your entire family. Bit and I are here if we can be of help from afar.
Now go kick some cancer butt. :)

Elizabeth Dow Elizabeth Dow

Good morning my dear Lisa.... You have and will continue to be a huge influence in my life and I want you to know that I truly love you and you have prayers from here in the south coming your way every day. We love you and the entire family.

Mom Mom

God has given you amazing strength for this journey of life. I love how you tackle everything head on. This is now different. Right beside you all the way baby girl.
I love you.

Andrew Lavier Andrew Lavier

Thank you all so much for supporting Lisa! We truly have been amazed at the outpouring of love you have all shown us! Tonight Lisa is undergoing an echo-cardiogram and we'll be attending a cancer class.