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The Little Brave Sheep's Adventure

Holding hope and letting Hope hold Miriam Joy on her journey in and out of cancer

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January 15, 2017

It was a year ago today that Miriam's tumor was removed and the story writing began!

Seventy posts later: Can you believe how far we've come - how far she's come?

We've witnessed such courage, such faithful care, such companionship by Jesus.  

I was struck over Christmas together as a family how Miriam now talks about <and defends> Jesus like a personal friend.  While reading a three wise men bible story book, she was incredulous that King Herod would try to kill Jesus.  (Little does she realize that's only the beginning!).  "No!  We love Jesus," she protested right in the middle of the page.

I hadn't been with Miriam for almost six months before Christmas and truly, the heaviness of sickness has rolled off this wide-eyed four year old and she is more alive than ever, if that's possible.  Only time will tell what beauty and depths the struggle of her sickness hollowed out in her.  But we see it even now, and rejoice!  

Auntie Sara

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