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Kay Kannegiser Kay Kannegiser

Hi Rene
Just wanted you to know you are in my prayers and my heart, soul and mind. Miss talking with you. Kick some butt and show the world what you are made of. Love you. K

Jane  Conroy Jane Conroy

Aunt Irene, Keeping you in our prayers, so glad you are getting good care now I agree with Denise that place should have there ### handed to them. Love JanieπŸ’—

Denise Hubbell Denise Hubbell

Praying for you and don't give up the fight. That rehab center needs their a## kicked. Love you !!!!

Jane  Conroy Jane Conroy

Aunt Irene, so glad that home is in the near future, keep giving it hell hope to be able to see you when you are up to it. Love Janie

Kay Kannegiser Kay Kannegiser

Good morning Sunshine
Hope you had a good weekend. Having cool nights and warm days here in Maine. Feels like Fall. Great sleeping but tough getting out of bed and in the shower.
Theresa and Casey are here . Theresa sends her love and prayers to Aunt Irene.
Love you. K

Kay Kannegiser Kay Kannegiser

Hi sister Irene. Just learned how to send you a note , you know the expression about "old dogs and new tricks". it takes time.
Miss talking to you but you are in my thought and prayers daily. Keep kicking a..!
Love you. K

Denise Hubbell Denise Hubbell

Thinking of you always. Mom is to. Not much happening around here. Marching in the Trumansburg parade later today. Hope you are feeling better every day. Are your eyes still brown ?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒπŸ’© I will keep checking your updates to make sure you are staying out of trouble. you..β€πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’ž

Julie Julie

Hi Mom! Thank you for the Birthday Wishes yesterday. We got Julie moved into her new place. She is liking it much better! You've never taken anyones crap so don't start now....Give them hell down there!

John Cahill John Cahill

Hi Grandma Hubbell, I hope you are feeling better!!! Sorry I couldn't make it up to visit you last week but thinking about you everyday. I'm sure you're keeping everyone there alert and on their toes with your smile and humor. Be well and can't wait to see you soon!!!
Love, John & Cooper, oh and Alexa too lol

Denise Hubbell Denise Hubbell

Hi Aunt Irene...Mom and I are thinking of you and sending our prayers.
Love you ....

Lisa Centurelli Lisa Centurelli

hello there sweet Irene - I just got back from a week long road trip to Missouri and Arkansas and saw this website for you. I apologize for not stopping by the house in Montour. I pray for you all the time and miss your smile and your hug.... so I will send you virtual {{hugs}} and all my love. Ken sends hugs also. Love to you- Lisa and Ken

Missy Hubbell O'Donnell Missy Hubbell O'Donnell

This is a good one too! Remember?....we are inside the tree!!

Missy Hubbell O'Donnell Missy Hubbell O'Donnell

Hi Grandma! I love and miss you so much! I think about you everyday and can't wait to see you. Paul, the girls and I are looking forward to seeing you soon. Here are a couple of fun pictures I found that I thought you might enjoy. Love, Missy Gene xoxo

Anastasia Smith Anastasia Smith

Hi there! I am Stasia and I work with Gena in the office at Capital. I have heard so many stories about you! Continue to get better, we are praying for you! This is a picture of my youngest, Adi who goes to Capital and often "helps" us in the office when she is done practice. She loved seeing the pictures of you and Gena together when she visited you last weekend. Adi is a very witty/spunky little lady. (She is the human version of Chief). I am excited to keep up with your site and can't wait to hear more stories about you from Gena.

Keep feeling better!! πŸ’–The Smith family

Sherral Richtmyer Sherral Richtmyer

Irene, I am praying for you to regain your strength and health! I hope to see you when I have recovered from my spine surgery, and hopefully give you some more of that hour long relaxation! Gentle hugs, filled with love and admiration!
Sherral (Rider) Richtmyer