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Livi's League

My sister's battle is my battle. Olivia's fight against B Cell Lymphoma with the support and love of her family and friends.

Latest journal entry

Update on Livi

 I just wanted to update everyone on how Olivia is doing. Yesterday she had a mediport placed which is a special, more permanent type of IV line. It is placed under the skin of her chest wall. The mediport will make it easier for her to give blood samples and receive her chemo. Today Olivia started cycle 2 of chemotherapy. Olivia has started to feel the side effects of chemotherapy. She has been nauseous and tired but she keeps on smiling. She even laughs at my bad jokes. Olivia has also lost her hair. I know this part is truly hard for her, but she still is as gorgeous as ever. I offered to shave my head with her so that we could be "The Bald Babes" but she wouldn't let me. I really hope she can learn to love this new and temporary image she sees in the mirror, because she truly is beautiful.


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