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Posted 2016-06-01T17:38:00Z

Admitted to ER (an abbreviated history and update)

Mom was in the ER all day (5/26) with excruciating back pain and ended up getting admitted. She was still in a ton of pain and not able to walk. They are giving her pain meds.

Heather and Jay were in and out of the hospital with her every day.


Mom has an L2-L3 rupture. They are consulting a neurologist. She also has a fever of 103 which they are not sure is related. They have given her Tylenol and done blood cultures. Mom is not in much pain at the moment. she is currently sleeping thankfully. She may be transferring hospitals later. Waiting to hear how a neurologist wants to proceed. We may not get answers tonight as it's 6pm but mom is comfortable.


Dr just rounded. He said he will lighten pain meds to see how mom is doing. Heather ordered her breakfast (optimistically thinking she may be awake long enough to eat a bite or two). Dr says that most disc ruptures (85%) heal slowly on their own. The other 15% require surgical intervention. We are just in a waiting period as they lighten pain meds to see how she responds. All blood and urine cultures are negative and the doctor thinks her fever happened as a reaction to all the pain.

Mom says her pain is an 8 but falls right to sleep any time you're not talking to her. She also says she's not any better. However, she has only taken two pains pills all day whereas yesterday, she had a ton of pills and iv meds and couldn't move at all.


Dr just came by and he said he's getting rid of Celebrex which is what on call doctor ordered last night. He is putting in consult for neuro but of course that'll be tomorrow which is understandable. Dr says she may transfer hospitals if that's what neuro wants. He upped prn fentanyl back to 50 but didn't want to change anything else.


I called to talk to mom's nurse at 6am and they never returned my call. Just called mom and she says she's awful, pain terrible, said she didn't sleep all night. Dr rounded and all she said that he said was neuro consult today. Called nurse again, trying to get better update. Waiting for call back again.

Talked to mom's nurse. Supposedly mom is resting (not sure I trust that). Pain was so bad last night that she had two doses of dilaudid. Still waiting on neuro dr. 


Blood infection echo done chest X-ray ordered. Changing pain meds, asked for neuro consult again. I talked to dr, asked for long-acting pain med (OxyContin?) dr reviewing chart. 

They're not sure it's a ruptured disc anymore. It may be a heart condition that looks like a ruptured disc. The doctor has called Methodist (where many specialists are located) to start the transfer. Mom is on the list and they know she's coming but there isn't a bed open at the moment.

Dr came in from infectious disease. Trying to rule out endocarditis which could lead to open heart surgery.

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  • Rachel Miegel
    Rachel Miegel

    The reason they believe it could be a heart condition is because they detected a heart murmur during the echo cardiogram that she has never had before. She's on a general antibiotic to fight the infection and once they can narrow down where the infection is they can use a targeted antibiotic that will be much more effective.

    5 years ago · Reply