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Posted 2016-06-04T12:18:06Z

Morning update - transferred to ICU

I haven’t been able to see mom yet but wanted to share a little bit of info in case I can’t get an update out right away today.

As Heather mentioned, mom was moved to the ICU last night. I’m hoping to see her shortly and start to get some information.

Yesterday’s surgery recap: they removed some bone in her spine because of the ruptured discs and to be able to reach the fluid that is seeping from her lower back towards the top of her back. That fluid is the cause of her pain and removing it should help though don’t yet know to what extent. They’re not doing any test on the bone but rather on the fluid. Getting those results will take 12 - 72 hours. That’s important because the antibiotics she’s on haven’t been able to reduce the infection; it’s only been getting worse even though it’s a strong antibiotic and the dose is a high, continuous one.

I’ll know more with the next update, hopefully later this morning.

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  • Heather Oneill
    Heather Oneill

    Justin, my nurse practitioner friend left me this message last night. She wasn't at work but contacted the np that was. A "lami" is a laminectometomy which is bone removal. Hey there. I'm not at Methodist but I talked to neuro np there tonight. Sounds like she had L3 lami and drainage of a fluid collection related to discitis/osteomyelitis and was left intubated post op. Shes having a TEE today I guess and they were going to leave her intubated until that's complete. I just talked to charge and she tells me she's following commands x4 and waking up nodding her head in vent. Otherwise I'm not sure what all is going on except dr. Wack from ID is following and you know she's in good hands now at Methodist. Hang in there!

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