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Posted 2016-06-04T22:11:49Z

Off the ventilator

They took her off the ventilator around 1:30 pm. That's great news but the pain came back in a big way. We switched from Fentanyl back to Dilaudid. It's manual for now (not a drip) per doctor's orders. He put in for every 4 hours but we're at the two hour mark now and know 4 hours is way too long.

We're talking to the doctor about getting a Pain Management Specialist which could some time on the weekend to get them here. The benefit in that person is that he would follow mom wherever she goes in the hospital.

After removing the vent they gave her some Valium and Toradol.

MRI is a priority now. It's a weekend so things move slowly, though she became next in line for the MRI as soon as we made the call. Timing medication is important to make sure she can lay still in the MRI. Too much medication lowers her breathing rate. I know many of you have had questions about not giving her more meds. Finding the right balance is critical.

They weren't able to do the TEE today so they'll schedule it for next week.

I'll aim to put out another update tonight.

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